Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. @vermont chick She's beautiful!! :D Congratulations! Now that you have her in hand, how do you feel about the CREAA body?
    2. Thanks! The body reminds me a lot of the original Rosette body. I had one years ago and sold her. I guess I wasn't ready for the elongated body back then. My only complaint so far with CREAA is that it's hard to find a wig and shoes to fit. Wigs would be easier if not for the elf ears--they get in the way so you can't pull the wig on completely. And the feet are a pretty standard length, except narrower. But I love how ethereal she looks.
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    3. @vermont chick Congratulations! She looks great. Yeah, shoes. Sigh....I wonder where I can find stockings....
    4. My black ribbon hands are already at my local post office! They should go out for delivery today. I wasn't expecting them so soon and had them sent to my work address when I'm actually on vacation *laughs*. I do have to go out later and was supposed to stop by my office anyway so.....
    5. I have been using Monique 5/6 stretching wigs for my CREAA girl. Most of the ones I have tried work great. Sorry, no pics but I can put a pic in my profile.
    6. @dollhausen - Thanks! My stockings came with the fullset. Looking at them, I think you might be able to buy MSD stockings and take the seams in.

      @Iron_Dog - Congrats, I think. The only thing worse than a long wait for delivery is a delivery that comes too soon at a time when you're not where you would usually be. :lol: I hope you catch up with your black ribbon hands.

      @mysticaldolldreams - I tried a Monique 5-6 Ginger on Leah this morning and love how it looks. I would let her have this one, except that my FID Isis wants it back.
    7. For some weird reason, they attempted to deliver the hands to my house. Or at least the missed delivery card says that, which is utter BS as I was home the entire time, nobody knocked on my door and I only saw the card when I went down into the lobby to go out for supper. Apparently I can pick them up tomorrow after 1pm but I'll be bringing my friend to the airport then so I'll have to get them on Monday *sigh*.
    8. Damn, I hate when that happens. And it does happen, for sure. I'm in the same boat, got my little orange slip yesterday and now waiting for a doll body until Monday....
    9. :3nodding:She looks fabulous, Vermont Chick. I love Isis! I can see where she might be a little demanding.
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    10. She is indeed! Leah tried on a Monique Queenie wig that looks pretty cool, too; luckily my Creature Doll Lucia is much more forgiving of other dolls borrowing her hair than Isis is. I'm finding that Leah looks good in almost every wig she tries on, which only makes it harder to choose something for her to keep.:lol: (I'll share a pic when my camera battery finishes charging. Unfortunately this takes a long time.)
    11. Good deal! Looking forward to seeing it.
    12. I hope people aren't tired of seeing my Leah, but I had to show her in Monique's Queenie wig. She is also proud to show off her boyfriend, a Soom Idealian51 Cuba.
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    13. Jeez, she's barely in the house and she's already got a boyfriend? Good for her. I like her in that wig that best. I guess Cuba does too.
    14. She has less trouble choosing boyfriends than picking out a wig. :XD: Today she's wearing an Iplehouse wig that I haven't photographed yet.

      Here's the cuddling couple again:
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    15. That's a nice shot. I like it for the pose showing a certain affection on her side, as well as the interesting sideways look from him. Which is how we interact more often than the, 'staring into each other's eyes,' routine. It's ambiguous and could be, "Don't go trying to change me, babe" as much as "Yeah, honey, I'd love to get married in June. I love the summertime."
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    16. I guess I have to order custom-made shoes for him... But I also have frog feet =)

      Congratulations!!!! She is so nice and lovely =)
      JID shoes for flat feet are good with stockings... I have some random shoes for high heel, but they are too loose...
      I also have FID wigs (one is a bit small, but blue is just perfect)... Actually I have one Monic wig 5-6 size and it fits her perfectly...
      But the main question was a wig for Clive... the one that I have is not so good =(((

      Regarding stockings - if you ordered a clothes for your Zinnia, so you'll get a stockings too... Actually I can try to make a pattern for the stockings and upload it tomorrow =))) (and I hope that JID stockings will fit to my Sara...)
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    17. The black dress doesn't come with stockings, unfortunately. The outfit I wanted is sold out. And I don't have any abilities to sew though perhaps I could take it to someone I know and beg! Thanks!
    18. I'm sorry... I was overloaded with work... I have almost all outfits (except fairy one for girl and white wind for boy =((( )... I don't have pic today but I'll upload to flickr A4 size info for stockings (boy and girl)

      My sweet couple... She has Monic 5-6 wig and I truly like it...
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    19. Ooh! That black dress looks very stylish. It has a sort of Audrey Hepburn vibe to it. Very pretty!
    20. It's also one of my favorite...
      There is only one small minus - it's too tight in armpits. So she almost can't move her arms...