Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Accidental double post, sorry!
    2. Snowgray: Your Claude is a cutie! What wig is that on him? I love the color.
      Xbrit...more Claude for you, hope yours ships ASAP!

      I keep changing the wigs on mine...
    3. Oh, my, those are some gorgeous boys. X3 I'm not sure if those pictures make the wait easier or more difficult, but I can definitely say it's more enjoyable! <3
    4. Yay..thank you guys! Both are so handsome! I love their arms + hands..those veins..rawr :drools:
    5. Great Claude spam, Snowgray and Luluna!

      It's not only the veins in those muscular arms; every muscle group is lovingly delineated. That should keep you drooling until your Claude comes home, XxBrittox... Fingers crossed for you.
    6. HI everyone. My Claude arrived a while ago, but i have only now found this topic.
      I'm joining in with Arnaux - real skin Claude.
      As i rceived Chalco mask, here's a picture

      Great photos luluna snowgray
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    7. NOOOO!! Even though I did everything I could to pay Dexter first, Claude shipped before him! >.<
      haha I must really be the only person complaining about the fact her doll is on shipping! But it's just that it would've been more convinient for me to receive Dexter first :sweat

      I don't even have a wig or pants for my boy D: (his pants are with Dext xD;;; )

      My first Iple doll.... So...close *3* (Iple has been my favourite company for a looong Time but I never owned a doll from them before)

      jadedkuroshi: your boy seems familliar. Have you posted pictures of him on Iplehouse?
    8. sahoma i wish that your boy arrives soon^_^
      Yes, i have posted his photos:lol: on IH, but he didn't have Chalco mask on))
    9. Hanging around this thread will help ease the pain of waiting for my boy now. >w< So excited to be able to get this gorgeous guy at last!

      No clue what he'll be wearing, but he looks gorgeous in everything.
    10. Luluna, your Claude is on fire. Wow! He looks amazing with long, dark hair.

      I'm thinking about getting a light brown Claude.
    11. I love the Chalco helmet on him, jadedkuroshi! Everyone's boys are so lovely I'm so excited to own one myself!

      I'm ordering a RS Claude once my paypal money clears. Merry Christmas to me~
    12. my Claude is on the way home :-) cant wait to see him <3
    13. Yayy more Claude on shipping! Congrats!! :D (I was starting to think I was the only one who didn't receive him yet xD;; )
    14. Mine should be here Saturday, hopefully. ^^
    15. My Claude is on his way too:D I hope he will arrive ASAP. I'm so excited!
    16. I'm hoping my guy goes through customs quickly. Seems like all of my things get caught up there for days at a time.

      I'm not having any luck with the Korean tracking site either right now, so I'm waiting until the USPS tracking updates. *fingers crossed*
    17. My Claude head arrived today from the marketplace and I put him on an SID woman body, I think with the right face up he will look really nice as a female and am also wondering what he would look like on an EID body.
    18. Same here...cleared customs at JFK already!
    19. Your mailman delivers during the week-end?? I'm so envious! If I'm not home on a friday to receive my parcel I can't pick it up before monday >.> I hate week-ends xD;;