Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Seconded on the weekend wait hate.XD

      I'm actually pretty curious about seeing Claude as a female with a girly faceup. Not to my tastes really, but it's still pretty neat to see what can be done with the sculpt!
    2. Got my Claude today! Omg..I'm srsly in love..Iple never ceases to amaze me..will post pics in a bit ^^
    3. Congrats, XxBrittox! Glad you got your guy in the end...

    4. Drive-by Claude spam...

    5. Hi people, I have a question, I hope you Iplehouse fans can help me with.

      I've wanted a Claude for some time, and I expected he would be added to the basic dolls someday, because that's what Iplehouse always do, right? But he hasn't been added and I'm beginning to worry he won't. Does anyone know if Iplehouse release ALL their limited dolls as basic?
    6. Claude is one of Iple's Elemental Guardian dolls, and they do not release them as basics. They are offering a one-time opportunity during December to get the EG dolls (but without any clothes or fullset parts) but this should be the last chance to get them.
    7. Oh, it's as I hoped it wouldn't be. .___. Well, then I guess it's time to find money now I guess. Thanks a lot for the help!
    8. weekend! end already so I can receive my mail!!!! xD
      my claude should be here tuesday or wednesday :D
    9. Aernath: Love the Claude spam...and Hawke looks so sure of himself. He knows we are gawking at him.

      Oh, and I hope all the Claudes arrive safe and sound SOON!
    10. Thanks, luluna! :)

      It seems they're finally getting the last of the Claudes out the door! Now, hopefully the Dexters will start arriving en masse.

      Aralien - no idea. Might be an eclipse21 wig..? It is gorgeous though, isn't it?
    11. The SDink version is so beautiful, literally beautiful. I love every Claude I see but his face is so heavenly. Just sent my Claude off to have a face up.
    12. Hey guys, please post more pics... I'm going thru major Claude withdrawal. *sobs* My guy's head is out for a face-up, and while I know the pain will be worth it, it's so hard waiting! I need Claude pictures to soothe the ache. LOL

      Btw - Congrats on getting your boy, Sahoma! He looks adorable in the moose hat and glasses.
    13. Maybe two Claudes might help with your withdrawal?


      Claudes are love :aheartbea

      Full set Claude arrived yesterday to find that Interloper Claude had already taken up residence and was in the process of getting his third faceup. He was not pleased, but it's his own fault - he should have hurried harder!
    14. Waaah! TWO Claudes? "That's so not fair," cries my soul. Not that I had a shot at getting one during the winter event anyway, but to really emphasize the nail in that coffin, I just spent as much has he'd've cost getting a new heater core in my car. It's not good when they leak and the coolant vaporizes and fogs your windshield. Being grown is a double-edged sword, and right now I'm getting slashed. :(

      Now departing my pity party....
    15. Double Claude!! Wah!! Oooohwah!! *flails*

      Gah, twice the hotness! I love it - er, them. Whatever. Thanks, Jill in WV. ^_^ Such pretty boys you have... Tell full set Claude to relax and give Interloper Claude a hug. (Preferably while you have a camera. LOLLLLLL)

      And yes, it definitely helps. Keep it coming. LOL!
    16. Awww, sorry about your car woes. Sometimes it really does stink being an adult.

      Interloper Claude was acquired as the head only, offered to me by a dear friend. I couldn't say YES fast enough! He's borrowing my Lee's body for now, but someday he's bound to have his own. I love having multiples/twins, and feel very fortunate to have brought home two of these cuties.

      It occurred to me that you couldn't see Fullset Claude very well in that picture, so here's a picture of him alone...

    17. Here's some of my NS Claude with default face up ^_^ His name is Mitchell <3



      I'm so in love ;)

      Sahoma - Yes my PO delivers on Saturdays. Lucky me! But Mitch came in Friday..I was very surprised when they called me to tell me I had a package. xD
    18. Wow -- the only thing better than one Claude is Claude twins. Seriously hot stuff. Way to go, Jill!

      Sahoma, love the moose hat and glasses! It's nice to see Claude has a sense of humor.