Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Sorry for the double post, but Brittox's Claude wasn't up when I hit the reply button.

      Thanks for the lovely NS skin Claude spam. Definitely not enough NS around.
    2. I agree! :) And I have to decide if I want to add his goatee or not..hmm..choices choices..
    3. I don't come to DoA all that often, but I'm glad I dropped by a few days ago and found this thread. The photos of Claude sent me straight to the Iplehouse site where I ordered this gorgeous boy. I feel incredibly lucky to have heard about him during this short window of availability. I wouldn't have wanted the armor from the earlier version since all my dolls are contemporary, real-world people. I can't wait to see Claude in person. In the meantime, keep the spam coming.
      The only other Iplehouse doll I own is the dark skin Benny JID. I haven't seen any other Iplehouse dolls in person.
    4. Oh my goodness, just seen the recent comments on this thread as do not visit Iplehouse's site (am a Soom-y >_<') that often and Claude is available again ... this has just changed my Xmas buying plans (just in time may I add) and now off to order a RS Claude (wow) - Claude is one of the rare sculpts which can look genuinely happy and smiles with his eyes :D (had resigned myself in never getting him) so so pleased
    5. Mail delivery. The way US Post is going, we'll be down to M-F only in the next year or so.

      So if the tax estimate didn't lie, I could potentially get something during the winter events. Experiemented with Photoshop to see if Claude could be modded into a character idea I had, but I don't think it'll work. He's adorable, but there's still something niggling in the back of my mind. Responsiblity, a sense Ludwig will drop early and then I won't be able to get him. I dunno.
    6. Hi there everyone, I recently ordered Claude too, and I still can't believe it - a real Christmas miracle, really! :D I was wondering if you could enlighten me or direct me to the right thread - what wigs will fit him better? What sizes? I heared 9-10 inches is too big, and an msd-sized wig can fit just fine, is that true? I was thinking of getting a wig from Crobidoll - should I go for 9-10 and use a silicone cap or 7-8 without one? Thanks in advance!
    7. 8-9 wigs fits him best! 9-10 are waaaay to big though!
      I can't be sure for MSD wigs but I have doubts... 8-9 holds perfectly on the head but is still easy to put on and remove. I would think 7-8 would be too small
    8. Yep, 8-9 wigs all the way for Claude. Even my Jpop 7-8's work well, since they're elastic. ^_^
    9. soo, im getting my NS claude (for god's grace) and im asking to you guys who already have him, what shoes fit him best? beside iple shoes ^^
    10. My Claude is wearing an 8-9 wig, but its still quite big on his head. I can get most of my 7-8 wigs on him, but none of them are a good style (most are short girly ones) but if you want a long sleek wig I'd suggest a 7-8. :)

      Tosh- all the shoes I had that were too big for any other doll I've owned are waaaaay too small for Claude. I ordered some Luts Super Senior Delf shoes because they should fit I'm not sure yet, but the order just shipped so I'll find out in about a week! I also heard shoes for EID boys fit too, their feet are only a tiny bit larger than SID boys.
    11. I can confirm that many Super Senior Delf shoes will fit the SID guys. Every pair I own fits well. I am especially fond of their leather strappy sandals. :) I have also gotten some Dollmore model guy shoes and boots to fit, as well as a couple "uncle" sized shoes purchased from off-brands on Ebay. Many sellers now provide inside shoe dimensions - you can use those to guide you.

      I find 7-8 wigs really difficult to get on my SID guys. Only those with extremely stretchy and deep caps seem to work for me. And yes, many 8-9's are a bit big. :? Iplehouse brand 8-9's fit the best of those I have and use.
    12. Jill, what are "uncle" shoes? I understand the off-brand part, but not the "uncle" part.
      Also, how long does Iplehouse usually take for a doll order with face up? (I just ordered him a little more than a week ago and am already antsy!)
    13. Some small-brand and off-brand sellers on Ebay refer to their shoes for 70cm sized dolls as "uncle" sized. I don't think it's anything official, just their own practice. You can also search for "70cm shoes" as a starting point. It's important to note that the shoes are not 70cm, but are advertised to fit 70cm dolls. No matter what you find, check the inside dimensions very carefully. If they say they will accommodate the measurements of an SID foot, you may find some decent alternatives to buying all Iplehouse footwear.
    14. I wish Iplehouse will re-release the elemental guardians in CDS then I can get a normal skin Lahela and Aurora with small bust plus mobility joint. I want a NS Barahan and Claude too. They are the only guys that grabbed my heart and refused to return it! But it is only possible if a miracle happens. Funny how other dolls of Iplehouse are usually limited edition, but elemental guardians are really limited.
    15. I agree, Allie, that it's strange some of Iplehouse's best sculpts are abandoned when they could make quite a lot of money for the company. I'm thrilled to have ordered Claude on his single return ordering period, but I would have ordered others given enough time (and money).
    16. Oooh, YamiYuki - Caelan is GORGEOUS!! *drool drool* He's so beautifully intense, and I'm a sucker for green eyes. Congrats!


      (Man, I've gotta get some pics of my boy now that he's back from getting a face-up. He wants some love, too. LOL)
    17. Thanks, Genesblues, I'm glad you like him! I'm in love with is faceup~~
      And yes, do post pics of your boy too, the more Claudes the better! :)
    18. YamiYuki...his is yummu!

      I don't think I posted my Claudes....the RS one is Cam....and the NS one I haven't named yet.

    19. Everyone's Claudes are so handsome! *__* Do you mind telling me where you got your RS Claude's wig, luluna? I've been looking for a wig for my Claude but all of them look super ...wig-y to me. .___.;