Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Luluna...could you please tell us where you got BOTH your wigs? Your guys are gorgeous!
    2. Oh, I'm so sorry...I should have mentioned it in the post.:doh

      The NS Claude has on a Monique Roxy wig (Which I trimmed a bit)...and RS Claude has a Jpop Jojo wig.

      Thanks so much guys!:D
    3. lol - luluna - I was going to say your boys are named Trouble I and Trouble II! But how about Cam and... Mac? :)
    4. Oh aren't you the clever one! Hmmmm.....I'll have to roll Mac around and see if I can make it fit him. (You realize...I have yet a third waiting in the wing too....);) So Claude(s) have been big Trouble for me! LOL.
    5. Thank you! : D I thought it might've been a jpop wig ha ha!

      And wow, another Claude? Luckyyy~
    6. My word what a handsome devil, I wonder if they come in a 6' 2 size?
    7. Shunklies - A 6'2 Claude? *snicker* I'll definitely go halfsies on one with you. LOL!!!!

      luluna - A third one?? *pictures Claude triplets, turns red, starts to drool and develops nosebleed* You do realize that if you do get a third, a photoshoot of the three (preferably nude) will be mandatory... ;)
    8. Bwahahahah! I like that idea! I need to figure out how to paint the faceplate in the helmet...grey resin....talk about 'project'.*_*
    9. luluna!! OMG!! your boys, both are amazing!!! thanks for the pics!!:D

      I have a Claude in NS (his name is Angel) but he has no eyes or wig yet, so when he ready, I'll up his photo
    10. 6'2? I'd up you to 6'4 and enjoooooy! :nosebleed

      Triples. :drool
      Hmmm.... Cam, Mac, and Ace? :sweat
    11. IF I ever saw a real human Claude I would be in so much trouble as long as his name does not end in Van Damme:lol:
    12. hee hee... you'd be saying that last part of that name... ;)
    13. The iplehouse site looks like it still has Claude as a buyable option...says Light Brown skin with general type joint in the description. Or am I imagining things? I didn't think was available in that color...


      isregard. After posting this it went back to Sold out status. Very weird.
    14. That happens occasionally, when an order is canceled or abandoned. There was also a NS Byuri made available at the same time, and he still is, as of this morning.
    15. Has anyone else noticed how much the new sculpt, Eric, looks like Claude? I think Iplehouse got the message about how popular Claude was but didn't want to go back on their word that Claude wouldn't be available again.
      Here's the link to Eric:


      Here is a picture of my Claude, though he has a different wig now. I liked this wig, though I thought it was a bit too much like Rod Stewart's hair:

    16. There was a big discussion about Claude/Eric in the basic EID/SID thread. I liked Claude, love Eric. He's so coming home.

      If I saw half of Iple's boys in real life I'd be doomed.
    17. Looking forward to see some owner's Eric!! I fell in love with this boy badly and would like more pics to pursuade me to buy him...
    18. I have Eric at home, and would gladly share some photos. However, I am new here and don't know if they can be shown on this thread. Lots of rules here and I don't want to step on toes. ;)

      I will tell you he is gorgeous, and I am very pleased with him. :aheartbea
    19. In a chat thread, you can always put links to pictures in the Gallery or elsewhere. I'd love to see some Eric, too! :D
    20. Here is a photo of my Eric. These are his default eyes, a nice rich coffee brown. His wig is from IH. I have a few more photos on my website (link below), including a couple with him in a blond wig. I like him with the blond hair/brown eye combo, as well as his IH wig in sepia.


      Link to more pics: