Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. jcygnet, your Eric is so dreamy! Is that shirt one of the Iplehouse ones?
    2. Your wish has been granted. The whys can be debated, but Iple's statement is that the recent rash of recasts of their dolls have (apparently) been EG sculpts, so they hope to minimize that by just offering them in CDS. Right now, only the 2011 EG's are available. The 2012 EGs will become available in 2013. And, of course, it's just the sculpts. None of the fullset items will be made again.
    3. Thanks snowgray. :) He's my first Iple and I love him. Yes, his shirt is the black pinstriped from IH. It's a very nice quality and fits him like a glove.
    4. He reminds me of Lucas Haas, very cute. :)
    5. jcygnet~ Your Eric is lovely...I think they sent me the same eyes with my Eric!!!

    6. WOW he's as cute as I've thought! Thanks for posting him~
      His curve is not as square as that of Claude
      It seems he has more angled jaws than official pics?
    7. I don't suppose anyone has any pics of Eric and Claude side by side? *u*
    8. carmen171: Please share a photo of your Eric. I would love to see him. What wig did you choose for him?

      jacobean: Thanks for the nice comment. I had to go and look up Lucas Haas. Lol.

      snowgray: Thank you for your kind words. I think he's dreamy too. :aheartbea
    9. Eric does have an angled jaw. I would say it is a little rounder/less pronounced than Claude's, judging from pics I've seen. Claude's chin is slightly more prominent as well. I would also say that the base of Claude's nose is slightly wider than Eric's. Their lips are quite similar, with Eric's top lip being slightly fuller. I think. They could easily be brothers.
    10. Your motorbike is so cool too X_x Your boy should be happy with it! I wonder where to get one?
    11. Thanks lpyan. All my boys ride Harleys. ;) I found mine on Ebay. Just search for Harley Davidson motorcycle remote control. That should bring up some results. You will need a 1:3 scale for the SIDs. Some of them are really pricey, but unless you plan on actually using the remote control feature, you can usually find some used ones that don't work pretty reasonable. They do make awesome props. :)
    12. Thanks for the info! Just ordered an Elchanan this month, I am trying hard to save up for Eric now*_*
    13. Congrats on Elchanan. He is a wonderful sculpt. Hope you'll share pics once you get him. Good luck with saving for Eric. He too is wonderful, and I'm sure you'll love him. There is always more to add with IH, isn't there? ;-)
    14. Jamie (IH Claude in NS) is dropping by to show off his new outfit: Mr. Captain, from Freedom Teller. I love a man in uniform!

    15. Eeeeee. X3 Who doesn't love a man in uniform?

      Your Jamie looks gorgeous!
    16. Wow! Jamie looks gorgeous is that uniform!!:drool
    17. I've only one pic of my Claude..His name is Angel :aheartbea

    18. I was so sorry to have missed out on the Captains Uniform....thank you for posting it vermont chick, your Claude looks HOT!!!
    19. Paxita, your Angel looks like an angel! It's nice to see that not every Claude looks smirky.

      I'm sorry you missed the Captain's uniform, too, carmen171. Freedom Teller's outfits are great quality (if pricey).
    20. paxita, your Angel looks sweet! ^__^

      Seconding that - Freedom Teller's clothes are top notch. I passed on the Captain outfit because I totally splurged on the tuxedos. :sweat