Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. I totally missed out on the tuxedos. (Kicking self.) But I schedule my company's airplane, so the Mr. Captain was a no-brainer. :lol: I simply had to have it.
    2. LOL! That's just perfect!
    3. wah, Mr Captain is so smooth :D

      my Claude is still struggling to find a suitable wig, trousers that fit (the pair I bought pop open all the time standing up - sitting down is def a no) and the IP shoes are just too tight >_<' but here is photo in temporary wig and bypassing the ill fitting jeans ;)

    4. Hey, we don't need no steenking jeans around here! ;) Besides, bare chest always wins!

      So... is he starkers there? Just wearing the necklace and nothing else? :mwahaha
    5. That was my thought, too. :lol:

      Here's a postscript on the Mr. Captain outfit: According to the captain who pilots our company plane, two stripes denote a flight attendant. A flight captain wears four stripes! Coffee, tea, or me?
    6. I'm thinking of getting him - do you guys think he could be painted so he's smirking?
    7. It's so quiet in here - come on, guys, let's show off our gorgeous boys some more! Here's my Caelan, I finally made a decent face up for him. ^.^

      Caelan by Lin Celestine, on Flickr