Iplehouse Elemental Guardian SID Barahan

Sep 5, 2011

    1. I think they're following the formula of air and fire as male elements, water and earth as female.

      Oh, and them's some gorgeous peepers.
    2. Claude is water element.

      At first, I thought it would be EID woman as earth(Lahela) and water(Aurora), and EID man as fire(Elchanan) and wind. For the SID should be SID man as earth and water(Claude), and SID woman as fire and wind(Barahan??).

      But now I think it could be like this: High Priest woman as earth(Lahela) and water(Aurora), man as fire(Elchanan) and wind(Barahan??). And the Knight would be man as earth and water(Claude), woman as fire and wind.
    3. PeppermintPatty ,thank you, he's a man, oh,noooooo
      Are you me? Totally agree!
      Now PeppermintPatty tells us that Iple calls it "he", one of my wish dissapeard.
      I've dived into Claude too, thinkng He would be the last boy I have in SID.
      I thought Iple sculptors had reached their limits so that Claude was the filnal good sculpt, but now I know he's not a final.
      Seeing Brahan, although vailed half of his face, I felt Iple sculptors improved his skills to the next step.
      I'm praying rest of his face doesn't fascinate me....
      & still hoping it's a girl:XD:
    4. :lol:;)

      Barahan is SID man, not a woman. lol
      We'r gonna see the fact end of this week and, can order him as well. Yay!!!!

    5. You are so right! I'd forgotten Claude.
    6. I think that if this guy is as gorgeous as his teaser picture shows. I might be in HUGE trouble. I wasn't planning on getting another boy any time soon. But with that face... it may be a tragedy not to. I wonder when they plan on releasing him officially.
    7. My best guess is that maybe we'll see more tomorrow night. ??
    8. I hope so! I've heard that Iplehouse takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days to release the doll after teasers go up. I hope it's closer to the 2 side. :)
    9. I think sometimes it takes even longer for the full pictures to appear after the teaser. I notice that they don't give a date of release on the teaser picture, which is a bit unusual.

      Maybe after the excitement of Claude they want to keep the momentum? Anyway, as with others, I thought they'd do the classical elements associated with each gender first. But with Claude, they already moved away from that pattern, so Barahan might be female.

      Personally, I get a more masculine vibe from Barahan based on the painting of the eyes and eyebrows. He/She seems to have some kind of feathered accessory too. I wonder if it's a fan.
    10. It makes sense to me that Barahan is a guy. The water/earth priests were female so it would make sense if the fire/air priests were male. I'm surprised he isn't an EID though... all the other priests are. O_o
    11. In a way I want to see more pictures as soon as possible but at The same I don't want him (or her) to be released soon! I just have a feeling I'm gonna have to bring him home! Even more of it's a girl!!!
    12. Pictures are up and he is truly gorgeous!
    13. Oooh I like him. I think Iple's sculptor is into smiley dolls right now, and I am ok with this :D. And I really like his outfit - a lot more than I thought I would. Too bad I don't have the money to get him or split for the outfit since Claude sucked up all my doll savings :<
    14. Stopping in to say I am so glad I don't have the money for this doll or I would snag him. There is just something about him that I am falling in love with!
    15. I am broke and just saw him and fell in love... but my family already thinks I'm crazy for wanting to spend 350 on a second hand doll imagine one that would cost *with the options i selected on him* near 1000!
    16. I love his smiley face! The realskin Type A version makes me think of some teen who was the biggest kid on the gymnastics team or something, and the fancy Type B white version makes me think of Chinese acrobatic troupes. He would make a good brother -or sister- to Asa!
    17. Well, Iplehouse didn't keep us waiting very long! He is much cuter than I expected. I, too, am pleased with this recent trend of smiling dolls. I also think this the first time I've liked the A and B face-ups a lot and equally.
    18. He is gorgeous!!! I love him in real skin....I am glad he goes until Oct 16...hopefully I can work it out to get him!!! ^_^
    19. I am so in love with IH SID boy since they launched Claude and then Barahan. Two of them look like brothers^^
    20. He looks really sweet. :D Love his outfit.