Iplehouse Elemental Guardian SID Barahan

Sep 5, 2011

    1. He is so sweet, I love his face and that he has a benevolence about him. Love both the face ups - if I had to choose one (not that I can afford him anyway...) I would chose the B type face up as I like pretty boys! Like the outfit too and for $159 with the wig, that's not bad at all! ^^
    2. Man, I love his looks! He has this Asian look and he looks very sweet! I love the first faceup though. But he is a limited isn't he? T_T

      I would totally love to get him but I'm too damn broke now! *cries*
    3. OMG it's a Zhuge Liang! :XD:

      Love him, but I think he hasn't got me like Claude did. My wallet is safe, phew!
    4. Oh wow! I love the last three shots of him in real skin- just something about his facial expression is getting to me. :aheartbea
    5. Interesting, the B faceup is the faceup from the Asa Tokyo story edition (though with thicker eyebrows). I guess they are related. ^_~
    6. I really love his hat! It's weirdly cool.
    7. he's kinda adorable but not quiet what I hoped for so I'm safe ^_^ (yayy I will be able to pay for my driver's license xD) with the B faceup he really looks like a girl! o.o Asa's little sister :D
      his hat IS cool :3 I kinda want it!
    8. Those were my thoughts exactly! I'm in love with that outfit and ESPECIALLY the Zhuge Liang fan! Sadly, the face reminds me too much of one of my female friends, so it would be too weird to get him. :( But what I wouldn't do for that fan... :D
    9. Same here, I'm still waffling. He's adorable, for sure, but he looks astoundingly like my (female) cousin, and I can't shake that weirdness XD
    10. Yes! I thought of that at once too. Hehe.
    11. A bit of Asa and a bit of Claude in there...Im liking these new sculpts, I hope they make a similar looking female SID next :)
    12. This is the first of their EG line since the BIDs that had really grabbed me...he just looks so kind and I love smiling dolls! That rs is gorgeous. I'm telling myself for now tho that I'll have to pass. He's falling just a
      touch too feminine and young for what I had in mind. Also I don't think I can take another big layaway when I'm just about to finish the others^^; Hope to see lots of pics of this guy tho and hope my willpower holds out as well!
    13. So is anyone getting him yet? :lol:
    14. I am trying hard to resist him, but it isn't working. He looks so much like my BID Byuri that he could be either Byuri's father or else Byuri all grown up. I will probably order him this weekend. (Never mind that I should be saving up to pay my property taxes.)
    15. I am hoping to....I have turned my Iple collection to SID, deciding that EID is just too big for me. So, that being said, he really must join my family if I can work it out in time...^_~
    16. I hope I can- I am torn between him and waiting for a female SID EG.
    17. My bank account is not safe. He's been sitting in the cart and everyday I am one step closer from that confirm my money away button.
    18. Lol^ that's what I've been doing! My funds are a little tied up now but I'd totally love to get him. *sigh* Oh well, we still have up till Oct 16.
    19. He looks Korean to me. Minus the blue eyes.