Iplehouse Elemental Guardian SID Barahan

Sep 5, 2011

    1. Anyone knows when iplehouse will release their review of Barahan in different outfits and wigs? They said they will release it 'soon' and i have been checkng since last week. Totally cant wait to see! >w<
    2. The trend I see so far has nothing to do with gender, but ethnicity instead.

      Water: White
      Fire: Latino
      Forest: Black
      Air: Asian

      My prediction is that they will release one of each size and gender over the next couple of years. I'd be thrilled if it really did follow ethnic groups. Then I could get more asians. :D
    3. The Barahan review is up! That first set of pictures with him and Byuri make my heart melt. They are absolutely adorable together.
    4. Yeah! I love those photos of him with Byuri and the ones of him in the gentlemen suit! :D man i really wish i have the means now to bring him home! :( anyone bringing this gorgeous guy home? :D
    5. So far I think there is only one order for him in the IH waiting room thread. I am very tempted to try for him but I need a few more days.
    6. Those are some gorgeous pictures! I love that they try a variety of wigs and eyes and outfits to give an idea of the full range of possibilities! I really wish he didn't remind me of a female friend. Otherwise, I would love to try to make room for him. Especially for his outfit (and that amazing fan)!
    7. I love his outfit, and I've been trying to not get him. But I'm busily trying to sell more dolls to finish off my Dexter payments.
      But seeing him with Byuri... I have a Byuri, and he's all in my face, insisting that Barahan is HIM all grown up... Now I'm debating whether to start another lay away for Barahan, instead of an early second Dexter payment.
    8. Well Barahan is an EG...so he won't be available in the basic section, according to Iple....(at least until they change their minds. LOL)
    9. ^ I certainly hope they change their mind LOL. I would love to get him but the Oct timing is a little too "rushed" for me as I have other plans and my funds are tied up for the moment. T_T Still I understand how people would be pissed if they get him now and then Iplehouse re-releases him. *sigh*

      He looked really good with Byuri. *sigh*
    10. Well they have 'changed their minds' in the past so keep your fingers crossed. :)
    11. his eyes look amazing!
    12. Oh god....I need to win the lottery. Barahan in the special skin......whoooooo....hot!
    13. I completely agree, I hope Iplehouse eventually reverses their decision to make these dollies true limiteds. I really want a Barahan, he looks so cute, but the timing is awful with all the amazing releases recently. They need to spread out these dolls a little more, they've already got $1200 off of me, and I need time to recover from that! D:
    14. He grabbed my heart, but now I can't buy it :( But I don't lose hope - maybe one day...
    15. I adore Barahan and Claude. If only they will be re-released again (almost impossible), I will snatch them up at once. They are just so cute and perfect and the only 2 older iplehouse male dolls that I like. Prays hard that they will be re-released.
    16. You're a few weeks too late. :( Iple did a re-release of the EG dolls in the month of December (up to Christmas) but I don't think they will do another one.
    17. If they plan to release more EGs in the coming year, there is always the chance that they might do one last re-release of all of them.
    18. I hope they re release them again, I would love to obtain Claude and Barahan later on in the future.