Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 12

Apr 23, 2021

    1. @IngieBee - Thank you.
      @petiteballerine - LOL. It's a good thing she had it on since it was super windy, and it helped keep her hair in place.
      @Anneke - Thanks. I felt the horses need a bit of 'help', so blushed them and made new tack for them all.
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    2. oh wow, she looks so sleek and lovely @JinCIncy !
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    3. Oh she is gorgeous! I love the way the vivid pink of that gown looks against the grey resin.
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    4. I need to take some new photos of my gal - just been busy lately. BUT new thread needs spam so here's a pic I probably posted already ;)
      [​IMG]So happy by Ban, on Flickr
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    5. I love how you captured her, looking to the side, distracted, and she feels like she's moving :D She looks so youthful with a slight punky air, very charming :D @Ban Sidhe
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    6. That is a great shot! Definitely feels like you've captured movement with the way her wig is, like you've caught her in the middle of turning.
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    7. Did Iplehouse raise the shipping price? I must be imagining it?
    8. Yes, due to the pandemic, EMS only has their premium service right now :( At least, that's how I understand it. I can't see paying so much for shipping, I haven't bought from Iplehouse because the shipping hurt too much :frownyblush:
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    9. Now why do your FID Iplehouse dolls look so good on their Battat horses, and my Mari looks like she's on a mutant? :abow:
    10. You didn`t. Before the pandemic I paid around 70$ for standard EMS to Germany for a SID or EID. Yesterday for Vampire Hunter Dane I had to pay 126$. Yikes. But I wanted him so badly so I paid ...

      @JinCIncy Your Mari alone looks lovely, especially with that pink-grey contrast. But I also love the background, so elegant!
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    11. I don't know. I blushed my horses and made them more realistic looking leather tack. Then they don't look so much like 'toys'. Although the 'posable' horse (one on the right) doesn't work as well....
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    12. If I need to contact Iple about a problem, which email adress is the correct one to contact them? Is it [email protected]? Anyone knows? I cannot login anymore and the password reset is not working.
    13. Just double-checked, and yes, it's still [email protected].
    14. Beautiful, you really set the bar high!
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    15. Rendezvous in the meadow... (Yur & Eden)
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    16. Thanks for the shipping info everyone, guess I will wait to order from them later on, have to pay my personal property tax on my car ( thanks commonwealth VA!!)
    17. Geeze, @MB Lilac , your pictures really are to die for! What photography, for I know it's not just your talent making clothes but taking such gorgeous pictures also take talent!

      Ugh, hate it when life's obligations get in the way of fun @derilan85 ! But such is life :(
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    18. Ooooh! I didn't realize a new thread was started. :roll:

      I'm loving all the photos! Such inspiration!

      Here's my Elle (Phoenix) for some more visuals.:kitty1

      [​IMG]Phoenix by luluna33, on Flickr
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