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Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

    1. first teaser photo is up...

    2. I just love the new PID, looks like a KID sculpt in pixxie size :)
    3. I do think she looks very cute and I hope to be able to get one. I don't think she is as unique as the originals though.
    4. Pylia is so cute looking! I wonder what eye size they will wear? And how much they will be once they come out. So will future PID have smaller heads from now on?
    5. Oh wow! Wings and fairy feet! I definitely like Pylia already.
    6. I think it would be sad if they discontinue the big heads. I love dolls with big heads, my non bjd dolls can tell you that :P. I didn't have time to order from iplehouse. But as soon as I have put the Christmas gift money in to my account I will pay for a normal Twinky from a norwegian collector. She has a small damage on her leg just above the ancle, but that won't be a problem. At least she is cheaper and I don't have to wait or worry about customs :D. She comes with the face up and skin tone I want so *YEY*.

      Does anyone know if Iplehouse offer spare parts? It would be nice to be able to swap the damaged leg sometime :).
    7. Iplehouse offers a hospital service and will replace parts, but you must have the doll's CoA to get any such service from them. They are pretty strict about that, so be sure you're getting the certificate if you expect to make use of this option.
    8. Thank you <3. She will come in her original box and with her certificate so that's no problem :).
    9. I think the new PIxie is quite nice. I am not as in love with her as I am with Twinkie and Blooming, but everyone seemed to want smaller heads so that's what Iple is giving us. I do think this one looks a lot like Lisa but with a Pixie body
    10. Dang, I'm not feeling Pylia... at all. I really thought I would like her, based on the prototype photos/mood board. I guess I don't care for fairy wings and accessories (maybe I'm more of a realist?). Anyway, I'm so happy that I got my Blooming when she was available, because I just adore her to pieces. I'll pass on this next round of fairy Pixxies. More for you guys!

      Also: Hi, Bee!! :D Glad to see a friendly face in here!

      ETA: Wonderboy, Pylia really does look like Lisa, now that you mention it. The resemblance is quite striking!
    11. Oh no, I shouldn't have gone onto the Iplehouse flickr or gone to the development page T__T Ariel sounds beautiful and I was just looking for a pixie/fairy doll that I could eventually add to my collection but next month is too soon since I already have a layaway D: But I will lurk and see what happens.
    12. I think it would be sad too buzzingbumblebee - I also like big headed dolls ;) And the iplehouse pixxies are just so unique and delightful!

      Vadafade - I'm also VERY happy I got Twinky and Dorothy when I had the chance - I was really looking forward to future pixxie releases, but not feeling Pylia either - who knows - maybe we'll be surprised. I ADORE the outfit though, so hopefully that will be sold separately (highly unlikely though hehe)
    13. Hi vadafade, great to see you too :D

      If many people bug them about it hopefully they will keep the original big headed girls as well :). I don't like Pylia really, her faceup is a bit too sinister. I like the outfit though.
    14. count me in with those not feeling the new pixxies ... they are lovely but not for me. I'm not normally one for bobble-heads but in this case I think it added to their charm. I'd love to see them here with some custom faceups though!
    15. Too bad they won't sell the outfits separately. I think my Ryu-Ah would love it!
    16. at least they did not say the 4 original pixie sculpts were being discontinued so hopefully they will make a come back. I have been very impressed with how Iplehouse has listened to customers in the past. They brought out a whole new claude fantasy sculpt because so many of us complained about the holes in his head. So let's hope they bring them back. Now I wish I had ordered Twinky in more than one skin tone.
    17. Ariel is now on flickr --
      PID_Ariel by Iple House doll, on Flickr

      Hmm, I'm not loving the lip smear or the fairy crown...
    18. Hmm... I'm not sure if I will still get this girl. I'll wait until more pictures are shown before I make any final decisions...
    19. I can understand why people who loved the large-head Pixxies are disappointed. That's how I felt when I first saw the original heads after the body-only teasers. Ariel and Pylia are exactly the dolls I expected from the beginning, so I will definitely be buying one. Pylia does look like KID Lisa, but I will more likely end up with Ariel.

      Most teasers are up for only a day or two before a doll goes on sale. We should know the price and see lots more photos soon!
    20. I'm not keen on Ariel but I'm looking forward to seeing my photos of Pylia but I think the only thing that is tempting me is the outfits and that's not really enough of a reason to buy the doll. I hope we don't have long to wait.