Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

    1. ^ You can just go in and edit your post. :)
    2. I did, but it doesn't change the quotes though.
    3. I was able to change the quote on mine. I edited my answer, too. Don't worry about the quotes if it won't let you change them. At least you edited your original post. ;)
    4. Thanks LDD, I also changed your quote on my post. I certainly won't make that mistake again!! :hug:
    5. Thank you! Me neither! :hug:
    6. Tried my PID head on a PukiFee body yesterday and it looked really cute, putting the PF head on the PID body wasn't too bad either. I may make it a permanent switch when my other PF arrives.
    7. Oh, that sounds too cute, Xanadu! Please share photos if you end up making it a permanent switch!
    8. I will surely do that. :)

      Half my problem with not bonding with her, was the fact her head wouldn't stay where I put it (probably because it's quite heavy for the body) and it used to exasperate me. Has anyone else had a problem with this? It's been like that since new and I've tried using silicone kips, but that didn't help in the slightest!
    9. Oh, that sound cute - I wanna see photos too!!!
    10. Hi! I don't know if it's right place to ask but do you know if pixxie dolls will be on sale again? they are all "out of stock" and I'm just wondering if iplehouse will be selling them in the future or not :-)
    11. Here she is, the resin is not as good a match as I would have liked (as the body is older than the my one that I tried it on) but when she's dressed the way I want her, it won't be noticeable.


      If you'd like to see the opposite switch, go here.
    12. We don't know for sure. Iplehouse hasn't mentioned anything about future sales but then they usually don't until they're getting ready to open an order period. You could ask them directly and see if they answer on their Q&A. There were 2 big head releases followed by one small head release so it will be interesting to see which they might choose for another order period.
    13. Squee - that is a cute switch :D
    14. Thanks Ban. I think I will have to change her wig too, it makes her head look much bigger than it actually is. :lol:
    15. I think she looks cute! :)
    16. Just wondering if these dolls are discontinued or what? I've been watching the Iplehouse site, but they are always listed as sold out!

      Also, what kind of clothes these dolls wear? Do they fit Lati Yellow clothes? Blythe clothes?
    17. Hmmm...I don't know--sorry! But, you could ask Iplehouse and see. I'm sure they will bring them back soon, though, as they seem to be very popular dolls.

      My Twinky can wear Lati Yellow clothes--most of them anyway. She's a little taller than my Lati's, though. I have never tried my Blythe's clothes on her, but I do believe they would be too big all over.
    18. Not sure what is going on with these as the last release had completely different heads to the first two releases...the only way to find the answer is to ask IH. I think if some LatiYellow clothes fit, you could also try PukiFee clothes or maybe Middie Blythe as she is only 20cm tall.
    19. Thanks for the help. I thought Lati Yellow stuff probably fit, but thought the dolls might be more slender than LY so I wasn't sure.
    20. hi the bottoms from bratz dolls and monster high dolls fit really well, especially the cropped denims operetta wears :-)