Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

    1. Iplehouse Pixxie, Middie Blythe, Lati Yellow, and Puki Fee wear roughly the same size. Here's a comparison pic (not mine) for reference:

      comparison pic by honeythorpe, on Flickr
    2. thank you!
      I'll try to ask iplehouse so :)
    3. Well after looking at the switch for a few days, I decided to switch it back and just keep the FL Bonnie as a boy. Twinky is back in her box!
    4. Breaking news!! Iplehouse is re-releasing the Pixxies!!

      Wow, it looks like Iplehouse will be doing a re-release of ALL the Pixxies to date, including Ariel and Pylia (the small-head girls) and all four of our big-head favorites! It looks like the ordering period will be Oct. 20 - Nov. 9. Gotta jump in quick with these little ladies!

      I don't think they've officially announced it yet because, at the time of posting this, I couldn't find anything on their website (not even a banner!), any announcements here on DOA, or any mention on BJD Collectasy either.

      But srsly: WOOHOOOOO!! LOOK AT THESE LITTLE CUTIES!! I've linked to their product pages on Iplehouse's website.













      Here are the fullset outfit options they're offering with this release:

    5. Loving the winter outfit. I wonder if it will be available separately. The dolls are up properly on the website now.
    6. Soooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just need to decide who to get!! I already have Dorothy & Twinkie, but tempted to get a dark Dorothy, and Ryu-Ah.... or Ariel.... Damn you Iple! Right when I should be saving ;)

      I can't resist these cuties.
    7. I've already ordered a Volks doll and a Fairyland body this month, and I do not need to spend money. And yet, I am very tempted by Pylia. But on the other hand, I don't play with Blooming much because of the lack of posability.

      Have any of you coaxed more posing ability out of your PIDs? Maybe then I can rationalize getting another one ;)
    8. That's what holding me back from getting more. I'm also having a hard time with clothing. I just want some regular jeans and things for her, not dresses from one end of the spectrum to another.
    9. Clothing isn't my issue, I just mod my PKF patterns but the posing ... yeah, that's what gets me. If Holly weren't so cute just standing there on my shelf I'd have long since sold her but I really like the look of her, even if she's doing nothing :(
      [​IMG]PID by ban sidhe, on Flickr
    10. Agreed with the posing. I wonder if it's the fault of the big head. Does anyone have a small head PID who can weigh in on their posing ability?
    11. I don't think it's entirely the head, though I won't deny that does have some influence. They can bend their elbows and knees but that's it as far as mobility (I even have a tough time getting the 'double jointed peanut' to work correctly) ... their hands and feet only 'spin' though. I think my biggest problem is - I'm used to the range of FL dolls *shrug*
      I love my girl - I like to dress her up but she won't be doing any photostories ;)
    12. I am so glad the are re-releasing them for a bit. I love them so much, the only dilemma I am having is choosing between Ryu-ah and Ariel. I was dead set on ryu-ah before this announcement, but ariel look so cute, now I am not so sure. :3

      I ended up getting the Ryu-ah in grey skin since I have wanted her for ages. I think Ariel would have been more of an impulse buy, and I would have regretted it later?

      I am a little worried about the issues with posing, I have similar problems with my nYID, iplehouse just doesn't seem to know how to make a proper double jointed elbow/knee. I am less worried about PID size though, since I imagine I could wire her pretty easily? I am also thinking magnets in the feet, especially if i get a second set of feet. But I guess I will wait til I get her to see how much is possible, since maybe her feet are too tiny.
    13. Well, I don't have an nYID, but my SID and BIDs are far more poseable than a PID. I do have a bit of trouble getting their peanuts to lock properly sometimes, but the PID has trouble doing even the simplest of poses. That said, I have not done any sueding or wiring on any of those dolls.
    14. Too bad the outfits aren't available separately. That black one Pylia's wearing would be perfect for my Dorothy ...
    15. You could always post a split and see if someone would be willing to go in on with you, I suppose! :)
    16. I could probably try wiring - I think that would work better than sueding ...
    17. Thanks :) I think I will try wiring her legs at the hip, and maybe at the neck. Those are her floppiest joints.
    18. Small head or no, Miranda ("Ariel") doesn't pose very well. She's beautiful, but she can't do much more than stand and look pretty. Or sit and look pretty. There's a huge difference between her and my JID in terms of posability. I think it's partly a weight issue (the larger dolls are better balanced or something), and partly due to the joints
    19. Well, at least she can stand. I could not get my big head Ryu-Ah to do that for any length of time...
    20. Ooh do you have a Flickr or some more photos? I'd love to see her :)