Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

    1. I just put light brown skin Dorothy on layaway - really shouldn't at this point and time, but I know I'll regret it if I don't... I would of got Ryu-Ah too if I could afford it.... hopefully there will be a next time so I can!
    2. You are so bad! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Congrats, valee.anne! I'm really really tempted to get another Blooming or a Ryu-Ah in light brown skin myself.

      Has anyone seen if any collectors have actually ordered either of those girls in a darker skin tone? I photoshopped them to see what they might look like, but there's really nothing like seeing the real thing. I don't think I've seen any dark-skinned Bloomings or Ryu-Ahs!
    4. I don't think they were available in the darker skin until now - I could be wrong though!
    5. Oh really? Was Dorothy the only one available in darker skin before?
    6. Sorry to but in on a conversation but yes, it was just Dorothy in tan on the first release. I hadn't spotted that we could have tan this time round. Mind you, I've not photographed my doll much so I don't think I can justify another as much as i love them. Clothing and getting them to stand is still an issue for me.
    7. teehee - and you're an enabler!

      Do it! Then I can live vicariously through you - honestly, if I had unlimitted money, I would get Ryu-Ah too.... please iplehouse release them again next year! I know they're impossible to stand and pose, and clothes are hard to come by - but my gosh, I adore them.
    8. As for clothes, Luts Tiny Delf clothing fits pretty well around the chest and waist, though sleeve and leg length are an issue with original TDF stuff. As in, dresses turn into babydoll/empire waist style mini dresses, and pants become capris.

      I plan to try Tiny 20 clothing for mine, once LUTS has more options. Fabric Friends and Dolls is a reliable dealer if you are in the US or if shipping from the US is cheaper for you.

      Actually, if FFD ever gets a Tiny 20 body in stock, I may just hybridize my girl. I love the adorable PID body, but TDFs pose much better.
    9. Thanks for the clothing suggestions.

      The possibility of tan and layaway is tempting but my favourite girl is Twinky and I already have her. It would be silly to get two the same wouldn't it? I wish there was more time to think about ordering. Can I see some Blooming And Ryu-ah spam to help me please? Thank you.

      Has anyone managed to get their girl to stand or sit unaided and if so, how did you do it?!
    10. Mine can sit and stand unaided, but that's about all she can do. It takes a lot of fiddling with her hip joint and head position to get her to stand and stay balanced.
    11. [​IMG]
      Miranda~ by craftafox, on Flickr

      Here's Miranda! Forgive the awkward lightning. Not the best photographer am I. I preferred Pylia's outfit, but Ariel's sculpt. I think it works really well.
    12. Here's some Blooming spam! I got her to stand by giving her little Blythe tennies, which are clunkily cute on her feet -- they give her more of a plane for balancing. And as for sitting, well... I just kept trying until she stayed. She's not the best poser of my bunch, but she's not impossible. I think I'm going to have to get a second Blooming this time, in tan skin! Her face just slays me.

      Iplehouse Pixxie Joyful Blooming: Halloween 2013 by vadafade, on Flickr
    13. look their poseability isn't the best - but honestly, I wouldn't get rid of them. They can be challenging, but when you nail it, you just look at them and say awwwwww

      Case and point:


      standing alone: (I know it's too close up to see, but I promise you, she was standing on a table)


      I'm SUCH a pixxie fan! Next time I will get Ryu-Ah :)
    14. What a sweetie!
    15. Actually, Natalia (my Dorothy) seems to be able to stand better on her heel feet (with the shoes on) than her flat feet. She can stand all on her own, it just takes some fiddling around with her. Currently, she's lounging in a beach chair. I absolutely lover her to pieces, she's such a cutie! :D
    16. You got her to kneel! I'm impressed!
    17. I've actually managed (with a bit of patience) to get her into a few different positions


      she is a bit of a minx ;)
    18. So so cute! Almost sorry I asked now I REALLY need her :)

      valee.anne: you are the MASTER at posing, I should have gotten you to try with Lacey when you were here :)
    19. So excited to receive my girl. Was wondering what clothes/wigs you guys have tried and fit, for example can I put lati yellow clothes, or maybe blythe middie - her butt seems a bit big for middie clothes, but maybe some dresses fit?