Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

    1. Some Tiny Delf clothes fit (though sleeves and pant legs are obviously too short), as well as their shoes, so my PID and my TDF share many items. As for wigs, my PID has worn an actual PID wig from Iple, an Iple 6-7 wig, and Leeke 6-6.5 wigs. The non-PID wigs technically fit OK, but the styles could be overwhelming to her little face. I can dig through pictures tomorrow to show you if you want.
    2. Most Middie Blythe dresses will fit Pixxies!
    3. I'm jumping in to say that I completely adore your Blooming, Vadafade. She has the cutest dreamy facial expression! Did she come with that wig, or did you purchase it separately? If separately, what company did it come from, if you don't mind me asking? :) And I had no idea that they fit Blythe Middie outfits. That's really convenient, since there's such a wide range of Middie sundries on Etsy!

      I'm poking around DoA to look at various Tiny Dolls this afternoon, and I'm totally smitten by these cuties. They have such unique faces that really stand out in a sea of BJD sculpts. Valee-anne, I can't get enough of your dolls! I especially love the doll in the black dress who's standing. She has wonderful eyebrows! She looks very concentrated and frustrated in that picture. I don't think I've ever seen a doll with a facial expression quite like that, and she is so refreshing. :)
    4. Hi! It's an Iplehouse wig that I bought at the same time I bought my Blooming -- it was one of the "suggested" PID wigs in stock last fall, but it sold out quickly.
    5. I have been away for a while and totally missed this... Such a bummer... :( Want a pixxie sooo bad...
    6. Woot! My girl is on her way, i assume this means I will be seeing more pics as everyone's girls start to come in. :)

      just gotta get her a wig now @[email protected]
    7. I have managed to re-bond with my Blooming recently, after giving her a new faceup! :D

      [​IMG]Iplehouse PID Blooming by AndreaJEP, on Flickr

      She is wearing a Pukifee outfit and Tiny Delf boots. I really want proper pants/leggings for her since the PKF ones are too short. I asked Iple in the support forum if they'd be releasing more PID clothing soon, and they said no :(
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    8. Just popping in to show off my little Pylia, who is busy disturbing my Lawrence.


      I have another photo in the Gallery, here, where she's leaning on his shoulder.
    9. Ooooo what a sweetie! I need to pay my next pixxie off stat!! If only I didn't have so many moving costs right now!
    10. And the eyes and wig I ordered for Pylia finally arrived so she's now looking like I imagined:


      She's now got 'oscar doll eyes' - they have crystals and such in them and catch the light in an -amazing- way. And her wig is a Monique "Ginger" in purple. Such a gorgeous little doll! :aheartbea
    11. I should have not looked at this thread because my little one wants some Oscar eyes too. These little one's will be the death of me yet*_*
    12. They're really gorgeous - photos cannot do them justice! First saw them in my Fairyland LTF Mio and RP Toki; FL is using them as premium eyes in their Alice-In-Wonderland fullsets. Went looking for some more to buy, and found their website, http://oscardoll.net/ - so many amazing eyes. I got Pylia's set from the Doll Peddlar - they seem to be the best (only?) english-speaking place to have them; you can order direct but it looked confusing so I took the easy way out.

      All I need to do now is make some more outfits. The black dress from Iplehouse is cute, but she wants some colour. :P Oh, and some wings. *sigh*
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    13. I saw in the News section that Doll Peddlar has them so I went to the website and ordered a pair for my Kiba (Ryu-Ah) and hopefully she will be happy once they come in. Of course I need to get her some shoes as well.
    14. ktk8, I love your little Pylia. Those oscar eyes are very interesting. I might have to look into them. Thanks for posting the link to their website. I actually am kicking myself that I didn't find out about IP selling Pylia and Ariel again until it was too late.

      Does anyone know how often IP sell the Pixxie Dolls? I didn't realise they didn't have them for sale all the time like their other lines.
    15. I really shouldn't look at pics of Pylia ... because I really don't need another doll. XD
    16. Very beautiful eyes !
      [MENTION=47372]shirahime[/MENTION] : I think they sell pixxies twice a year, but the last time was very short. If you have an account, you will receive an email before the next sale.

      Here is my Kelpie (Joyful Ryu-Ah) on her first morning :

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    17. @Ochan - thanks for your response. I guess it means that gives me a little more time to save up the money and have it ready for when they do decide to open sales again on that line. I do have an account with them but for some reason, I have never received any emails. I always wondered if they sent out emails before a release like a few other companies I have accounts with.

      Your Kelpie looks gorgeous. I adore that resin colour. Ryu-Ah is such a pretty little sculpt.

      @khell - I know how you feel but I justify it by saying they are so small, they barely take up a lot of room!
    18. If I remember well, the very first release of Pylia and Ariel was in January, just after Christmas, not a good time ! I don't know what they'll do this year, there's no clue in the forum.
      I'll post here, when I'll get the email.

      Thanks for Kelpie, I like her skin colour too, I hope it won't turn green :pout:! wait and see...
    19. Finally I added a PID size Iplehouse doll to my collection as well. She is even tinier than I expected, but so cute. Meet Anne, PID Ariel:

      [​IMG][/url]Anne by sydneyfan2001, on Flickr[/IMG]
    20. my little pixxie arrived today - I adore her! I got a custom faceup, and was expecting the lips to be pink... but nevermind, she's a cutie. Their tiny outfits may seem a bit on the expensive side, but so worth it...

      When I compare her to my other Dorothy, her eyes look smaller and sleepier somehow.