Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

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    1. [MENTION=60760]taecelle[/MENTION] : I love this picture ! It emphasizes her beautiful eyes, she seems so thoughtful...
    2. I am jealous of the nice weather she's got to lounge around outside! :)
    3. oh my gosh [MENTION=60760]taecelle[/MENTION] - she is amazing! I adore that chair!
      @noddyfry - you need chairs like this too!

      I've been meaning to share my latest pixxie... she is divine.... I love her chocolate skin

      I hope they do another release soon - I'd love more pixxies!!

    4. Thank you all! One more shot (my favorite):
      Saturday leisure by taecelle, on Flickr

      But it's only balkony, not really outside. The weather is cold for little light-clothed pixxie)
    5. Tinkerbell is just popping her head in to say hi! I really need to do a pixxies family shot soon! :)

    6. Pixxie spam! I really wish there were more of these girls floating around :)

    7. The new outfits are SUPER cute. I feel I need to buy some - it gives me an excuse to also purchase for my JID girls

      I like her eyes too [MENTION=68639]Ochan[/MENTION] - but dolls with teeth - they scare me ;)
    8. those are so cute, have to get one :-)
    9. I love those new outfits, and Rose is cute! My PID would be jealous if I got another so I will spoil her with a new outfit and some heel feet! I wonder how much of a difference the new PG color is? My PID has the old PG color which has some translucent to it.
    10. What size wig does Pylia wear? I wanna get one but I'm unsure.
    11. Mine wears a size 4 monique "ginger" (most of the time). I do have a silicon cap on her too; like all really small heads, wigs are a challenge to keep in place.
    12. I love the new outfits, especially Romantic Stripe and Funky Plaid. I may give my Blooming a complete re-styling into a little punk girl. I need to find a good wig.

      Very different, in my opinion, and not in a good way. It is hard to capture in photos, but it is obvious to me in person. See this thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...r-Newer-Resin-Comparisons?highlight=iplehouse
      Some people like the new PG just fine, of course, but I miss the translucence of the old one. Though, oddly enough, the new RS is completely opaque too, and I like it a lot. I have both old and new PG, and old and new RS, as well as NS, if you need more photos.
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    13. Really like Twinkie :) I am waiting for her!
    14. I got my new heel feet and outfit for my Kiba and you were right the new PG is very pink, that's okay at least when I paint them I can maybe blush them some to lessen it.
    15. I think, my Twinky has a big new friend (and a new pretty clothes, of course):
      Shopping by taecelle, on Flickr
    16. All your girl are really cute. Here a photo of my little Dorothy named Peska.

    17. PID are available to order now through Oct 18th! Hurry! I just got mine!

      Anyone know if Blythe clothing and shoes will fit PID?