Iplehouse Toyko Story dolls discussion! New SID boy Storm & SID girl Soo

Jul 7, 2010

    1. I'm glad to hear that. Tedros is such a fabulous sculpt and I love that model body. Oh, and I like how you've got him dressed in his default outfit in that picture! Not to mention the picture of the sword in the gallery!

    2. Ah, that's too bad about the katana! I think she looks cool with it. I just wish Iplehouse would make a tanto and wakizashi. I guess, it would make for a better samurai to have all of the above as well! :) I won't get Asa's hair like in the promo shots, but I'll see what I can do, anyhow! I would use the red flower clip I got with her more often, but it come with an unfortunately noticable glob of glue that's visible in all the pics I've taken of her with it in, so far! Not sure what can be done about that.
    3. ^ Hm, could you remove the hot glue and then re-glue if necessary?
      I know that I had to re-glue some of the flowers on the hair ornament after I used it for a photo shoot because the center of one of the big flowers fell out. Hehe.

      I finally got around to re-painting the katana this afternoon. The original paint job wasn't too neat, as people have noted. Plus Nightingale took a chunk out of the white with her thumb nail when she refused to let the katana go.
      I did it in red with little white accents at the center of the diamonds, and added more shading to the blade and gold in the guard and pommel (which you can't see at all in the photo, but give it more depth in person). I think it looks nicer with the kimono too.

    4. That really looks nice! I wish they sold it seperately because I did not see it on the Iplehouse website.
    5. Thanks!

      Yeah, it was only sold with the men. I just happened to win one in the event they did. ^_^
      It's fun. It's not the best katana ever, and it is certainly too long for the women, but fun. Hehe.
    6. I had a feelin it was only sold with the guys, so not fair.
    7. Woohoo! Awesome pictures of Tedros and Asa, folks! These guys are such works of art - it feels like such an honor to own something to breathtaking, doesn't it?

      LOL - so the paperwork makes the marriage hard? is that what I understood you to say JennyN? :ablink:
    8. So just acrylic paint, yeah? Did you seal the sword with MSC at that point to keep it from getting anything on Nightengale? (Love the name!) For the shading on the blade, did you put some colour down the blood-grove? Just the tip? Where did you put the shading, if you don't mind me pestering you!

      Suffice it to say I love that katana. It is beautiful work! The red and black look realistic! Now all you have to do is pick which side she draws it from and sand the geta so they're more worn on one side, like with Samaurai (from the weight of three swords)! ;)

      The sword looks really brilliant. Perfect, since the doll also looks brilliant!
    9. Me too, Derilan. I bet there are more of us who feel this way. :)
    10. Finally got around to trying to post my um, gifts, in the trade thread. I still am not sure exactly what/who the sweater is for. I think it's a man's sweater, personally. Can't find the swap thread, and the links don't work anymore. Hmmm. For anyone curious, here is what I got:
      scarf and hat

      The strange sweater

      ponytail wig
    11. Hey all :D

      What clothes fit these guys?

      Thanks ^^
    12. Tokyo story,,,it's awesome. wow. SID girl & boy are wonderful.
    13. Yesterday my Asa arrived, I feel like I'm the last one to receive her doll as I had her on a long layaway. She is so stunning, and I even received the gifts, very kind of Iplehouse. I got the same gifts as justkatie179, only my wig is darker.
    14. Finally put the kimonos on and took pictures



      Though I'm not sure if I put Tedros kimono on the way it should be......Tutorial anyone?
    15. Hm, I'm not sure how the men's kimono are put on...

      Your Asa has a cute wig. ^_^
    16. Biggy, It looks ok. I have seen a tutorial someplace. I will see if I can find a link.
    17. Just wondering if any of you who purchased Tokyo Story Soo remember how much she was. I want to put my full set up on the marketplace, but I don't remember how much she was and IH no longer has it on their site :(. Thanks in advance for any info.
    18. I remember having paid $1190 for my fullset Tokyo Story Tedros (with both katanas).
      Maybe Asa was approximately the same price.
    19. I have Tokyo Story Soo Full Set and I paid $936.50 for her that included EMS shipping from Korea to the USA. Hope this helps.