Iplehouse Toyko Story dolls discussion! New SID boy Storm & SID girl Soo

Jul 7, 2010

    1. Is there a difference between a tan colored and real skin or are they one and the same?
    2. What's the difference between Tedros Tokyo story and the ns tedros? Can somebody please share other than their skin color?
    3. The darker colors tend to be very true in color on the dolls while real skin is totally different and is less darker. Tedros Tokyo Story was done in light brown resin with limited faceup. Basically the normal skin Tedros is the same face mold, just the makeup style is different.
    4. Soo Tokyo Story is very beautiful, she killed me at first time I saw her but so sad that it's too late to own her because she's limited edition!!!!
      I wish someday I could own her outfit because I just ordered the basic Soo but still want her in this kimono. ^________^
    5. I just got a my first Ipehouse dolls and for what I paid I would expect a better fitting head cap . My less expensive BJD's have much better fitting head caps which have stronger magnets and have a much tighter fit. I love their sculpts, but will never buy another one. The seem has a small gap and does not fit flush, also they were more loosely strong then my other BJD dolls.