Irrealdol Enyo Tiny discussion part 1

Jun 3, 2011

    1. Thank you so much, Lil Spark!
    2. Oh, my goodness, Happibug, your little one is just so cute !.
      I don't have one these Enyos, but am in love with them.

    3. Thank you so much, JuliSh and Julienne!
    4. So many beautiful dolls!
      My Merida
    5. Merida is so adorable! She looks a little shy :)
    6. DollInk, she is darling, I love that blue wig with her coloring!
    7. happibug - Your toffee enyo is just as cute as can be in those overalls.

      anjav - Merida's eyes are stunning!

      DollInk - She has the sweetest expression! And that wig on her is perfection!

      Here is my little girl, still nameless, but with a new wig. I keep calling her "merp merp," but that's not really a name. If I'm not careful, however, it might just stick anyways...

      "merp merp"; by AlisonDanger, on Flickr
    8. Your little redhead is so cute, I love all of these sweethearts !
    9. I just love this doll... and, you all have done such great jobs in dressing them. Are they impossible to buy?
    10. Hi everyone! I just recently purchased my first Enyo and I'm having a terrible time finding good wigs or clothes that fit. Does anyone have any suggestions? All the threads I see for Enyo are two or three years old.
    11. Hi! congrats on your purchase, wigs are size 6-7 so anything that fits Yo Sd or Unoa/minifee in that size should be fine, Lati Yellow/Pukifee for clothes although Enyo is taller so dresses etc will be shorter
    12. Hello Enyo thread, i share my little unamed one :

    13. Owww so many lovely Enyo in this place ^^

      Karo so cute your little one ;)

      [​IMG]Overall rating

    14. I love what everyone is doing with their Enyos, they all look amazing! I'm a fan of spread out eyes, I think it's very cute <3
    15. @Karo, I'm so jealous about your Enyo.
      I tried to get it too...
    16. My Enyo wants to say "Hi" to you!
      [​IMG]by natalex_world, on Flickr
    17. Hi! I newcomer! I want to show you the girl by the name of Yoko.
      It one of the most favourite dolls :love :