Irrealdol Enyo Tiny discussion part 1

Jun 3, 2011

    1. Your Yoko is a real fashionista
    2. Yoko is very pretty, and you have her dressed so cute! :daisy
    3. Natalex, your baby is dressed stylish. And the most important thing, she is not afraid of heights!
    4. She is fantastic!

      I am loving all of your pictures of your little ones!
    5. Natalex , i would not dare to put!
    6. Ohhh, everybody's dolls are so perfect!
      I have been in the hobby for only a couple years, and I am just now branching out from my Fairyland dolls to the more unique styles, and oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with these little cuties! However, the company is apparently quite small, and stock is limited, I doubt I'll ever get my hands on one! So, could someone point me in the direction of another doll company that makes dolls with a similar aesthetic? The huge round heads, the quirk, the small, wide eyes... I really don't know how to even begin to look, so I came here for guidance! Thank you in advance!
    7. [​IMG]
      Enyo in the middle, dryo on each side.
    8. I love love love this thread!! <3<3<3. Here wants my Lianaini to say hello *0* <3

    9. Hello, Lianaini! She's very pretty! :)
    10. I just love these Enyos !!!
    11. Thank you so much my dear!, I am so happy you like her!, I am totally in love! <3<3<3

      me too, they are simply amazing! *O*
      I totally agree, I would just love to own one of them in the different skin colors! *O*. I can not wait for the next preorder >__<
    12. You just never can have enough of these Enyos :D
      lianaini is such an adorable girl )) we want more photos! :P
    13. I don't have any Irrealdolls, but your Enyos are so special and different! Lots of possibilities to customize.
      Should include one in my doll wishlist))
      I think Secretdoll is of the similar aesthetic.
    14. I don´t have any irrealdolls either, But I'm desperately searching for one, however, these Enyos are adorable! :)
    15. i'm going to get to join in by the new year, i have a vanilla enyo on the way :dance
    16. Congrats!!, I can not wait to see your beautiful vanilla cake!! *O*

      You definitely should!, they are the most adorable little things ever *_________* <3<3<3

      thank you so much my dear!, you are so lovely!, Lianaini sends you a lot of kisses!! <3

      Yesterday was my Birthday and I got the most amazing present ever!!, my Blue Enyo!!, she arrived one week ago, but I had to wait to open her at my birthday of course!, and it was so difficult to resist!! hahaha. I have to change her face up and buy her a new wig, but for now she has to wait^^

      Please welcome Enzian! <3<3<3
      [​IMG]Llegada Enzian (regalo de cumple), Irrealdoll Enyo blue ♥♥♥ by brighteyes2002, on Flickr
    17. pretty girl, and lovely outfit. happy birthday! :smallcake
    18. brighteyes22 Aww, your new girl is beautiful, and happy birthday!
      Im getting a dryo soon, next week. :) Can´t Wait! :)
    19. my new enyo arrived today, to my total surprise, since the tracking number said he was still in florida, and hadn't even left for canada yet! unfortunately my husband was home when he arrived and since he (enyo not my hubbie ;)) is my christmas present, my hubby whisked him out of my hands and upstairs to wrap before i could even peek. now i have to wait till christmas eve to see him. at least this year i'll be excited for christmas :)
    20. auntbear Congrats to your new doll! At least you can look forward to cristmas! :)