Irrealdol Enyo Tiny discussion part 1

Jun 3, 2011

    1. Are there separate discussion threads for Enyo, Dryo, and Ino or are they all welcome here?
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    2. for some reason they are separate, but not sure why since it's the only company i know of that has a different thread for each sculpt when the bodies are the same. since they aren't super active i would think it would make more sense to merge them? anyway here is the link to the ino thread, dryo doesn't seem to have one
    3. Thanks for explaining auntbear! It would seem to make sense to have them all in one thread --- and I'd love to see more pics of them all together :)
    4. I do agree with you all, it would make more sense to merge them since it's the only company and the bodies of Enyo, Dryo and Ino are the same. I would love to see them all together here :3

      Lianaini says hello *O*

      [​IMG]Lianaini love♥♥♥. Irrealdoll Enyo by brighteyes2002, on Flickr
    5. hi lianaini :waves

      i couldn't find any place to request threads being merged, but i know it can be done since it's happened on workshop or discussion threads that were really close in topic, so i put a question to the mods to see if they would merge them. i'd like to see all three of these cuties together, especially since i'll probably only ever be able to afford the one i have, so won't be able to join the other thread(s)
      teddy will be getting his intro picture done as soon as i get over the flu. he's been keeping me company all week :)
    6. Lianaini looks so cuddly :)

      I hope you make a speedy recovery from the flu auntbear and thanks for looking into merging the threads.

      I am looking forward to seeing more pictures, too especially since my Enyo arrived today! As soon as she warms up enough from her travels in our sub zero weather, I'll be able to get her out and dressed. I keep looking at her in her box while I wait :)
    7. apparently it would be too confusing to merge the threads since it would just jumble up all the posts, so they suggested starting a new thread instead for all the engendritos... so here it is irrealdoll engendritos - enyo, dryo, ino etc i'll post a note on the ino thread too, and hopefully everyone will migrate over to the new thread with all the irrealdoll tinies!
    8. So cute. I love the little mouths.
    9. I got an enyo at home, and will try to share a photo of her as soon as I figure out how...
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    10. Is this toffee skin?
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    11. no :eusa_naug my Enyo is from an earlier release and is called pale (!) tan, its darker than toffee.:wiggle
    12. ok , i just wondering because i didn't see this tan anywhere
    13. I think he's from either the second or third batch, I've had him since 16th may 2012
      Enyo_pale_tanmak-p here are original photos from sakuli when they were first released.
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    14. Yes I have a question about skin colours as well
      I hope someone can explain to me
      I heard they used to have white vanilla and tan
      Then changed to milkshake peanut and toffee

      Does someone have an comparison photo?