Jointed hands vs Regular hands?

Oct 9, 2016

    1. That will depend on the hands in question but the general idea is the same as restringing a doll, just on a smaller scale.
    2. I like jointed hands, but I only have a them for Thranduil. He's 72cm, and they fit perfectly (they were a freebie because the order was messed up and delayed). You do have to watch them, though, because they're easy to trap/bend horribly out of shape,
    3. I hate my doll's jointed hands! His fingers always get twisted so it looks like something out of a horror movie!
      He came with regular hands too, I just haven't changed them as they look so much more impressive.
    4. Generally, I really like jointed hands. But restringing one pair of them was really a punishment. Before you take them apart, try to figure out how they are put together. And get some kind of sorting box to be able to keep each finger apart from each other.

      The best model are the ones from Dragondoll. When strung correctly, the fingers do not twist in strange directions, and the thumb has an additional joint. I got a model with long fingernails with the intention of sanding them down. But they are sculpted so beautifully that they will stay the way they are. So if you want beautiful, detailed sculpting with good technology, I would strongly recommend Dragondoll jointed hands.
    5. It's funny you say that. My boy is a Telesthesia And Dragon doll...and the fingers go everywhere!
    6. Honestly, the jointed hands I got for my MSD from Doll Legend are really good in that regard. They haven't really done anything unnatural at all. My only real complaint is that Doll Legend only makes gender-specific hands for their SDs. That policy is fine for their tinies, who have gender neutral bodies, but I find that with my Mini, it has resulted in her hands being slightly disproportional.
    7. I love jointed hands and gesture hands, and quite happily use them interchangeably with my big guys. While it's true that jointed hands are a little more difficult to pose, they bring so much more life to photos in my opinion.
    8. I generally prefer smaller dolls (MSD or smaller) and I don't think jointed hands look that great on that small scale. That being said, I haven't seen them irl so my opinion is totally based on what I can tell from photos.
    9. I love jointed hands! The looks of it are so cool + the movement and all that posability stuff.
    10. I love the posable-ity of jointed hands, but I don't like the look of them. I wish more doll companies would create a big range of different hand sculpts and poses, Luts does a good job at that.. there is a lot of options for male hands.
    11. I originally didn't like the look of jointed hands, because like most too many joints, but I started following this BJD artists [I thinks she's one DOA also], and her photography with jointed hands is beautiful. In some photos is appears that she would photo shop some of the joints (I could be wrong), the posing range it affords her for the subject is so worth it. She's a professional so I think for me I would only use jointed hands for photographs.
    12. I personally prefer jointed hands on size SD or bigger. Otherwise, it's too hard to do small pose on fingers...
    13. I like doll chateau jointed hands as they allow you to fit tight sleeves clothes onto the doll and with only a knuckle joint they still look very pretty!!:lol:
    14. I REALLY want some jointed hands for my doll... I will probably wait till she is here though before I fully decide on them. I love normal hands but for posing, I think jointed hands look nicer. I just want a pair of really nice dainty jointed hands for Resin Soul Rong body.. but I am new to the hobby, she will be my first doll and I have no clue about resin matches etc. x'D
    15. I am not really a fan of the jointed hands, I just don't find all of joints those attractive.
    16. I've always wanted jointed hands but stringing them looks like a pain and I'm too lazy for that. :lol:
      I love jointed and normal hands equally since they both have their own charm. Maybe someday I'll get jointed hands - they just look so pretty when doing more creative poses. It feels like an aesthetic. Haha~ :XD:
    17. Very true. The jointed hands that I bought for my mini didn't match for some reason, but I've since commissioned somebody to fix that and she did a great job! I have a feeling that I am going to love them now. Although I have no idea how to string them. ^^;
    18. I love my dolls jointed hands. Restring them not so much and I only got one done for now. So back to normal hands until I get around to do the other one.
    19. I'm more into jointed hands but restringing them would be a pain
    20. I like non-jointed hands better personally! To me, jointed hands just look too busy...normal hands just look so pretty!