Kaye Wiggs Kazekids Tiny Doll discussion Part 1

Mar 31, 2008

    1. I haven't tried wiring yet. I was too busy working on making a Santa costume for my Wizard (he's a OOAK BJD made of various doll parts, and a face I built up with Apoxie) Tillie and Talyssa were having their portraits taken at the same time, so they got to be the first to have a portrait taken with 'Santa'.....
      Everyone is still rather 'stiff' in the photo, but I'm sure they'll all warm up and relax as the holiday season progresses.
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    2. The Santa looks great - just right for your girls to whisper their Christmas lists to.

    3. Thanks! All three of my little girls had their photo taken with him at the mall....

      The whole story in two parts;
      Tiny Kaye Wiggs Girls
      Naughty Cinnamon
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    4. Awwwwwwwwww......!

    5. I love your Santa and your pictures with him @MB Lilac !
    6. Hey I was looking into the Laryssa doll and looking at the website and I haven't seen any on sale, do they still make dolls? Has she been discontinued? :(
    7. Hi! No Kaye still puts out a ton of dolls! They are sold through Jpopdolls.net
      Each doll is put on pre-order for a period of time, I think it's around 4-6 weeks, then they make the dolls.
      Not sure if they will be offering Laryssa anymore or not. Usually each doll is offered a few times, in different Resin colors, in elf, human, or fawn version, etc.
      If you sign up for JpopDolls newsletter, you will get an email when a doll is up for pre-order.

      Oh, Kaye also has a forum called The Resin Cafe' where you can join, and you can discuss any dolls at all, and after you've been a member for so long you have access to the Marketplace where people buy and sell dolls.

      Hope that helps!

    8. OMG YAAAAAY~! I saw the JpopDolls cite and Laryssa was on there, but every doll I clicked on had no info after and I was worried! Q~Q I just love their faces so much. Ty!
    9. Tiny Talyssa has been here for over seven months now, and she still doesn't have her replacement hand. So I decided to just get on with it, and make her something special to wear - a Flower Fairy outfit....
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    10. Gorgeous!

      Shame you're still waiting for her replacement hand though. Have you heard anything?

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    11. I tried a few times to contact Grace by email and through the Jpop site, but got no response. I did get through on Facebook a few months back, and was told the factory doesn't like to make replacement parts, but that she just got a HUGE shipment in, and maybe the hand was in one of the boxes. Or I could send TT back. But then I'd be out the shipping and without the doll, and I'd have to pay mega-bucks to replace her on the secondary market, so I declined the offer. Last week Grace said she'd remind the factory again. Personally, I don't understand why she just didn't send a hand off one of the extras right at the beginning, and let that doll be the one waiting.

      I was getting rather upset about the whole predicament, and have done nothing with the doll, but my husband convinced me to make her something new, and to start photographing her. After all, it isn't the doll's fault she hasn't gotten a new hand yet. So that's what I'm doing.
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    12. Many years ago Custom House wanted me to do that with one of my Petite Ai girls for them to fit the replacement themselves, rather than just sell me a replacement hand. In the end I bought a pair of hands of the same size form a different company and she's had those ever since. Given the situation with Customs Charges in the UK I'd have also been out a cahrge for importing her into the UK a second time when they returned her to me with the replacement hand.

      I think your husband is right and also that it's rather cute that she has a plaster on her hurt finger.

      Hopefully they won't keep you waiting much longer and her finger will be healed up soon.

    13. @MB Lilac that's such a shame about your TT. To be honest I'm surprised to hear that the little hand hasn't been replaced. (I always thought that the casting company sent extra parts just in case things were broken in transit.)

      I do hope that the Talyssa gets her new hand soon.
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    15. Thank you! I am going to try this!
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    16. My Cinnamon and Tillie have found some new friends.....little Willie, from Dreamhigh Studio, and a Unicorn.....
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    17. Magical

    18. Cinnamon is still one of my favourites....
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    19. Mine, too!!
    20. It's such a good idea to propose your dolls in a smaller size. I have not so much space so it's important for me not to buy dolls taller than 35cm. I made and exception for Tobi darkest tan but I think I could eventualy sell it to buy a tiny Tobi instead.
      I have a tiny Talyssa too, she is adorable!
      Tiny is cute!