Kaye Wiggs Kazekids Tiny Doll discussion Part 1

Mar 31, 2008

    1. I'd love to replace all my bigger KW MSDs with a smaller version, but they would cost me a lot more than the bigger ones originally did, because I got most of the bigger ones when our dollar was on par, and now we need to add 30% to everything that's in US dollars. Plus, the wait is really off-putting. So my KW collection will stay as it is, with 6 bigger ones and three tinies.
    2. I'm quite happy with my Nettle being SD sized and Willowbark (Sage) being tiny. Space is an issue, of course, but I like the larger dolls too much to give them up, and I much prefer sewing for the larger ones where the scale of the fabric isn't so much of an issue as it is with the tinies.

    3. I find it hard to give up any of my dolls once I have them - even the really big ones. I guess what I meant was that if there had been a choice years ago, I probably would have gone with the smaller sizes, because unlike most people, I actually prefer sewing for the smaller dolls, and I find them so much easier to take out for photos.
    4. Wow, this thread is slow! Meanwhile, three months later, and my Tiny Talyssa finally has her new hands! It just took eleven months - longer than Talyssa herself.

      Anyways, now she no longer has to wear a bandaid....and she couldn't wait to show her friends.....
      And, just wanted to add, that I did finally gave into temptation, and ordered a Mini Missy. If she takes anywhere near as long as Talyssa did - which is most likely - I'm looking at next August for her arrival.
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    5. Glad to hear the hands did eventually arrive - and let's hope the wait for Missy isn't as long!

    6. Talyssa seems to be very proud that the bandage is gone. I love how her friends seem to be a bit skeptical about it all. I adore the tiny Kaye Wiggs dolls.
      It takes that long to get an order from Jpop dolls now? Wow, that is a very long time. I'm glad I got the ones I did back in the days of shorter wait times.
    7. Willowbark (my Sage) predates Jpop (as does my Nettle), it's been so long since I actually acquired a Kaye Wiggs doll of any size.

    8. Hi Teddy. I have always thought that Sage was special. Actually, all of Kays's Kids are adorable, but I do have a fondness for the tiny ones.
    9. Mostly in any size, they're the sort of scultps I admire in other people's collections more than I want one of my own, but every so often there's one that I find hard to resist.

      I was following the progress of Sage before she was even available, so was happy to get one, Nettle. Well I'm REALY fortunate to have her. Izzy is the middling sized one that got away. I didn't realize how much I liked the sculpt until I saw and handled one in person a few months back and, while they do crop up on the secondary market, I balk at paying those prices for a second-hand doll.

    10. Yes, the wait for anything from Jpop is now at 10+ months. Such long wait times is a real turn off, but sometimes it's the only way to get anything - like the little Whispering Grass animal BJDs, which I love. Although the wait time for the last ones of those was 'just' 7 months. My first Kaye Wiggs doll only took 3 months of wait time, but that was 8 years ago for Cinnamon.

      I really like the tiny sizes too. They are so much easier to take out for photos. And I don't find sewing for the tiny size any more difficult - except maybe for inserting the sleeves. I just wish they posed better.

      I have an Izzy myself. I never thought I would like her sculpt, but I had her repainted, and she turned out really cute.
    11. Have you tried wiring them?

      I think it's one of those sculpts that look even better in person than they do in pictures - I liked her well enough beofre I got to see and handle a friend's one, but that was nothing compared to how much I liked her after.

      I often feel that way about Sage too - I think they (my own in particular) generally look a lot better in person than in pictures.

    12. I've not tried wiring (yet). I have a lot of dolls, and my KW tinies don't really get photographed that much. Maybe next time there's a bigger photo session and their posing drives me nuts, I may have to give wiring a try.

      It's funny how some dolls do look better in person than in photos. But I also have some that are the opposite, and look amazing in photos, but not nearly as great in real life.
    13. That's how I feel about Willowbark, my Sage. I love how she looks in real life but she never seems to photograph anything more than OK.

    14. My Talyssa finally had her birthday party celebrating a year since her arrival....
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    15. How nice - and they all look so pretty in their lovely party dresses too

    16. Thanks! I sew each of my dolls a special birthday dress for their party. Unless it's a boy, of course. They get something else.
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    17. Do the 14" Kaye dolls (Mini Size - Hope, Laryssa, Layla and Miki) have another thread? Or do they belong here? Any owner photos?
    18. This thread is so slow, you might as well add them here.
    19. Thanks Martha. I have been out of the KW doll collecting world for a couple of years, focused on another BJD brand.
      Anyhow, I adopted a Mini Hope and excited to receive her. Does she share shows with the Iplehouse KID/BID? I am about to look at measurements, but thought owner insight might be helpful when finding shoes. I used to have a Raillie and Millie and thought they had shared shoes with the BID/KID but was not sure how the 11" KW feet compared to the 14" KW dolls.
    20. I have no idea. I caved and have a mini Missy coming at some point, but with the ridiculously long wait, I don't expect her until the end of the summer some time. So I will find out then. But yes, the Illies and Cinnamon can share shoes with the BID/KIDs, although they do fit better into the smaller snug-fit shoes.

      Maybe someone else would know about the 14" KW feet.