Kaye Wiggs Kazekids Tiny Doll discussion Part 1

Mar 31, 2008

    1. I think she was on preorder back in May. I only know because someone on FB asked when their's was coming, since I had one already, and someone else said it was still way too soon. So I guess I was extra lucky.
    2. Oh my, Layla makes a wonderful elf, I'm not at all surprised you won her in a photography contest though, your photos are always so gorgeous! :D I have a normal Mini Layla which I love. :)
    3. I have always loved Layla, and have two bigger versions. I love the Mini size. It's so much more versatile, at least for me. I'd trade all my MSD versions for a Mini one.

      I never did show my 'new and improved' Mini Missy. She had her red nose removed, some new blush and freckles added, and now I'm in love with her. She's currently a little lavender fairy....

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    4. Oh me too Martha, I really love this size doll and have quite a few. Your Missy is gorgeous, and so perfectly dressed for a Lavender Fairy, she reminds me of the fairies drawn by Cicely Mary Barker. :love
    5. Missy and Layla in their lace party dresses, with the vintage carriage I came across recently....
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    6. Hi all! I have a Mini Missy and need some new eyes for her. The Wiggs site says she takes a 12mm, but this doesn’t seem to be a standard size. Does she take another size well? I’ve been out of the BJD world for a while. What is a good source for glass eyes?
    7. My Mini Missy has 10 mm eyes. I didn't like how the 12 mm filled her eye hole so much. Sorry, I don't have any recommendations for where to buy them. I just use eyes I have in my stash - glass or acrylic, makes no difference to me.