Kaye Wiggs Kazekids Tiny Doll discussion Part 1

Mar 31, 2008

    1. I think she was on preorder back in May. I only know because someone on FB asked when their's was coming, since I had one already, and someone else said it was still way too soon. So I guess I was extra lucky.
    2. Oh my, Layla makes a wonderful elf, I'm not at all surprised you won her in a photography contest though, your photos are always so gorgeous! :D I have a normal Mini Layla which I love. :)
    3. I have always loved Layla, and have two bigger versions. I love the Mini size. It's so much more versatile, at least for me. I'd trade all my MSD versions for a Mini one.

      I never did show my 'new and improved' Mini Missy. She had her red nose removed, some new blush and freckles added, and now I'm in love with her. She's currently a little lavender fairy....

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    4. Oh me too Martha, I really love this size doll and have quite a few. Your Missy is gorgeous, and so perfectly dressed for a Lavender Fairy, she reminds me of the fairies drawn by Cicely Mary Barker. :love
    5. Missy and Layla in their lace party dresses, with the vintage carriage I came across recently....
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    6. Hi all! I have a Mini Missy and need some new eyes for her. The Wiggs site says she takes a 12mm, but this doesn’t seem to be a standard size. Does she take another size well? I’ve been out of the BJD world for a while. What is a good source for glass eyes?
    7. My Mini Missy has 10 mm eyes. I didn't like how the 12 mm filled her eye hole so much. Sorry, I don't have any recommendations for where to buy them. I just use eyes I have in my stash - glass or acrylic, makes no difference to me.
    8. Missy and Layla decorating the tree....
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    9. They are some of the most adorable little girls. Really stunning photo. Your home must be so festive with all the help you have.
    10. Thank you! I'm loving the Minis. They are so much easier for me to work with. My husband does most of the real home decorating. I just decorate for my dolls.