Kaye Wiggs mini dolls discussion Part 3

Sep 12, 2015

    1. Gorgeous Dragon wings Martha!
      1. [​IMG]
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    2. gorgeous girl and i love her wig! what type is it?
    3. auntbear
      Thank you! This limit wig from Soom.
    4. oh, that's too bad, i have a smaller doll that the wig would have been perfect for
    5. My amazing Demelza in shabby chic style <3

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    6. Love that sweater on her.
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    7. She's beautiful!
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    8. My Izzy's new look. I won her in last summer's photo contest, and recently had her repainted.

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    9. Oh Martha, she's darling and I love the new look!
    10. i love her new look, she's one of the nicest izzy's i've seen!
    11. Thank you elfstone & aunt bear ! I was never drawn to Izzy back when she was up for pre-order, but I think it had more to do with her factory face up, since in person she is rather a pretty sculpt. Anyway, I knew she could look better, so had her repainted.
    12. Hello!
      Here is my Missy!
      Want to join to your beautifull ladies!
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    13. such a pretty girl, i love her warm skin tone
    14. Missy is amazing! My wishlist item for long now :) I wonder when JPOP will offer her for pre-order again..
    15. They never offer the exact same doll more than once. Maybe other resin colours?
    16. Oh, I would not mind her in ANY resin, except dark resins. I think tan was my darkest I would go with.. She has such delicate facial features.
    17. Your Missy is gorgeous! Those little elf ears are soooooo cute :) I love her wig.
    18. Oh, my God! She is such a teaser!!! But I am totally not prepared to pay $1200-1300 they now run for :(
      I saw those Missy from the last pre-order - all 3 versions are fantastic - I would love to by any of them! Elf ears or human - no difference..