Kaye Wiggs mini dolls discussion Part 3

Sep 12, 2015

    1. they are pricey, but they are beautiful dolls with nice hefty resin.

      if you sign up for jpops newsletter you will get notice of any upcoming pre-orders
    2. and so now she is up for pre-order in human version :)
    3. I hope Missy SK human will be made in the 14" size some day......I won't be able to pass her up if she comes up for preorder :cool: She has the most beautiful face!:love
    4. I am wondering what is with 14" Miki. He was shown in Jan/ Feb along with Laryssa and Layla.. Laryssa and Layla were already up for pre-order but Miki is nowhere to be seen.. any news on them?
    5. We really never know when a doll is going to be put up for preorder. Even Kaye mostly doesn't know in advance.....I think Grace makes the preorder decisions most of the time. There are so many waiting in line, it must be hard to decide who's going to be next...and you can never please everyone, so I don't envy anyone making the decisions.

      We just wait patiently for our favourites to come up.....apparently patience is a virtue.....not one of mine unfortunately lol.....I want everything yesterday!! :D I've had to learn some patience since entering the resin world of preorders.....and the preorders are much longer now than when I first joined the hobby.

      I'm soooooo tempted with CT Mini Miki. I don't have any dark resins and love this colour the best of them all. I wouldn't have Miki in any other colour now :)
    6. I think Miki looks great in every color :) She has such universal facial features..
      I would probably go with Fair or Sunkissed, as I have Tan Missy, Coffee tan Abby on preorder and Dark Tan Tobi :)
    7. My Miki, and her dollies.....
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    8. Miki is miffed that I haven't given her much attention recently... which is very true, lol!!

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    9. Hopefully this thread is the right place, I just bought a coffee Maurice, I don't have him yet, but I was eyeing him for ages. I'm just wondering what the best eye size is for him?
    10. Maurice eye size is 16mm. He can also fit 18mm.
    11. Oh yay thankyou!
    12. Just a heads up, mini Miki is up for preorder in 2 different skintones. :D
    13. Three of my girls, relaxing after school....
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    14. Hello!
      How much beautifull girls!
      And my new girl, Gracie)
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    15. I love to look at this thread. All of Kaye's kids are really beautiful and the artistry of the clothing is the best!! Congrats on Gracie. @Tatty , your girl is really pretty and I think her dress is wonderful on her.
    16. Izzy and Layla
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    17. Hello all,

      I believe this will be my first post, and I hope this will be the right place for it.

      I just got my Mini Layla on Monday. (Horray!!)
      I got her eyes in and discovered that a sweater I knitted for my Little Darlings that turned out too small fit Layla beautifully, so I'm on my way.

      She's my first Kaye Wiggs doll and when I ordered her, I didn't realize that Grace doesn't keep the pics and specs for the dolls on the site after the order period closes. What I'm missing, though are the body measurements and wig size.
      Can anyone out there supply these for me? I'm most worried about the wig since the measurement is 6" but the dome is very high and I wonder what will really fit.

      Many thanks, and Merry Christmas
    18. I guess I'm necroing this thread, but I just bought my second grail doll, Laryssa! She's in a different skin tone than I was looking for (Richest Tan) but I'm already seeing her with a new faceup! I'm soooooooo excited!!
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    19. My new (to me) Laryssa has arrived. I was so happy to discover that she can easily wear the Madame Alexander 14" doll dress I had! It's gloomy here so I'm afraid the photo looks gloomy, too..... LOL
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    20. I am having trouble posting a photo. so I am going to try again. This is Annabella in a school girl outfit I was asked to sew.
      It makes her seem far more grown up than I usually think of her as being. :)

      [​IMG] [
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