keeping the original box?

Jul 23, 2019

    1. I like my boxes a lot, they hold a bit of a sentimental value. I also feel more assured when I'm moving things if my dolls is in a box.
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    2. I keep all my boxes because:
      1) they are a great place to keep my dolls if I need to.
      2) I use them as storage for clothing and props.
      3) they're pretty!
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    3. Most of mine didn't come with boxes as I bought them secondhand... but the ones that did, I keep them! I don't even know why because I don't use them. And one of them isn't even original to the doll (it was a dollfie dream box but the doll that came in it was Luts). I'm not so worried about resale. I just keep them for sentimental value I guess. If I had a lot of dolls I would have to start thinking about throwing them out though, because I don't have much storage space.
    4. I'm debating tossing my cardboard boxes, but I wouldn't ever bin the cases from companies whose "boxes" are carrying cases. The only example I know personally is Resinsoul, because I have two dolls from them, but they come with fairly nice carrying cases and a little blanket, very useful for travel, and they're compact, so both sitting in my closet right now.
    5. A couple of years ago I tossed all of my boxes simply because I don't plan on selling any of my dolls and storing them was becoming a problem. I wasn't using the boxes to keep dolls in and they kept multiplying! I don't feel any sentimental attachment to the boxes.
    6. I'm in the toss it camp. I've done way too many moves in the past ten years and it's just more bulk to carry around. I have a nice carrying case that holds all my dolls. It's a little cramped but I wrap them up so I know they are safe. That would probably be my advice. Getting a carrying case, or two if you have more dolls than I, so you have a safe place to store your dolls when you need to. :)
    7. If I have the original box, I always keep it, although all my dolls are 65 cm at least and their boxes are even bigger. I store my dolls in them and, by the way, the box altogether with CoA can prove that the doll is legit, if needed.
    8. I have 2 minifees, but 3 boxes because one person I sold a body to, wanted to save on shipping and told me to keep the box. I think having the box is great for resale, and the boxes are normally built to perfectly hold the doll and transport well, so keeping would certainly save you some trouble when shipping them and on the resale value. But I also always put my girls back in their boxes, so me, my girls are too precious to just wrap up when moving them. Also i refuse to screw up their wigs. But understandably, if you have larger size dolls, the boxes may become more of a hindrance than a help when you have many.
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    9. I keep them because I am a collector from the bottom of my heart ^^'
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    10. I kept some boxes untill recently because I know for quite some time I'll be moving twice in near future, but it's geting postmoned again and again. So, the boxes were just taking up too much space and I decided to stop keeping them. I have only small ones, for floating heads, now.
      Boxes aren't really important for me because I have cupboard for all my dolls, fabrics and other doll stuff. Boxes may do increase the price on secondhand market, but I'm forever owner who would consider selling only if head/body wouldn't go with body/head intended for the character. But even than, I would most probably keep it for another character or just for sake of having it.
    11. I would normally keep the boxes for storage and resale but I got a 63cm doll a while ago and just tossed out the box a few days ago. It just took up too much space, no place to put it :sweat
    12. If you decide you don't want the boxes, maybe someone else would want them. You could hold onto them and give them away next time you go to a doll event.
    13. I'm traveling today, and I kept the box for my Dollzone Keai because I wanted something I could put him in when flying and feel comfortable about it. It juuuuust fits in my backpack which will fit under the seat. But it was a bit funny, my bag got pulled aside as I was going through security. I asked the TSA guy "lemme guess, the doll creeped them out?"

      He was nice and laughed saying he didn't know why, but since they flagged it he had to look. Just lifted the lid, glanced at my doll and waved me on.
    14. I can't make myself get rid of the boxes. It just feels like it makes my doll less complete.
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    15. I kept mine because that’s where I store my doll. She’s sensitive to yellowing to I put her in her box after I finish making her clothes or taking photos. Since it’s a big box, it can be annoying, but I think that’s the best storage system for her right now. Especially since I know I will be moving in the future, it’s good to have the box at hand.
    16. I ended up throwing out the box my doll came with, as nice of a box as it was, I have other places to store my doll, and I don't have any plans to re-sell him, so keeping the box just felt like clutter.
    17. I always keep their boxes, even if it means carefully flat packing them if necessary. As a collector who sees my dolls and toys as future investments it's really important to me to keep the original boxes and paperwork. They usually command higher prices when kept with their original boxes as most collectors know. BJD's do de-value relatively quickly unless they are a rare sculpt that is particularly desirable but I always like to keep my dolls in pristine condition as possible and their boxes too. When not on display they are kept in their specific boxes. Also it is often proof that your doll is indeed legitimate and due to the amount of copies out there especially Soom dolls (I own a couple myself) it is quite essential that the boxes, manuals and paperwork are retained safely. It's easy to initially think you'll never sell them but things can and do change (Your tastes and priorities may change, you may need the money etc) and then folks often wish they'd kept the original boxes, paperwork etc. If I couldn't keep the packaging/boxes they came with then I wouldn't consider buying them in the first place, I only own as much as I have room for. Plus as someone who is interested in art I often like the artwork/designs that the boxes often have on them.:)
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    18. As someone who collects anime figures, I always keep the box! They do take up a lot of space considering I have a lot of SD dolls but they are too pretty to just toss and are great for storage if I want to but sure nothing will happen to the doll!
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    19. I think that it has to be up to you and your space. I think that is really only matters if you sale them later on.
      If you have the box, then it is easier to ship later since it is the right size.
      Some buyers want it to make sure it is legit.
      Good luck with the moves
    20. I've kept all the original boxes of my dolls for moving purposes but also just in case I want to resell in the future. I also use them for storage because for one thing, it's super sunny where I live, and I also don't have a ton of space to be displaying my dolls 24/7.