Konji doll

Jan 19, 2005

    1. I see my name on the computer screen!!!

      Mushroom is a lovely name, she looks as though she's just figuring things out, looking a bit blank and noncomittal yet. Pippen looks very much like a mischevous little fairy with that expression and fluffy hair, and the way she's knocking to see if Lishe's home.

      Looking forward to seeing who Mushroom will become :grin:
    2. tinybear is that wig in your avatar sewn, or crocheted or something? I'm DYING for you to make one for your new little konji doll so we can see! she will look so silly and adorable! :D
    3. :cry: I have looked at that site 3 times and I don't see the doll you are talking about.
      I know that it's not yen, what kind of currency is it?
      I might be interested in a group order too.
      I am going to look at doll site again.
    4. I got you now, I am about a week behind too. Can you really change her wigs and eyes?

    5. Sher its fur boa wig , its made in the real long fur then I cut it :daisy

    6. Did the group order happen? Will there be another? I tried to follow that link but it went to the main page.
    7. I think this thread is pretty old,

      dollmore now have an english page www.dollmore.net

      if you want to justify the shipping buy two hehe

    8. It is an old thread , you can get them in the US now

    9. I got mine at shop4dollsandbears.com and the shipping was very reasonable. It would be a good option for anyone in the US or Canada. To get a look at how they CAN look see the post titled Ready for winter--almost in the "Tinies" section. I read somewhere that the newer Konji's have removeable shoes. I'd love to see some other members get into the Konjis so that I would have someone to do the swaps with. I pine for a Yoko but am having lots of fun with my two little Konjis. They are a good "entry" dolly to get started with and I think there is room for all kinds of improvisation. I'm still trying to get up the nerve to take the tip of my little Dremel tool and open up the lower, outer eye socket a bit.
    10. Forgot to mention that as far as body type, I would say she has the shape of a six or seven year old, so you would not have to sand off any boobs! She is more of a little girl type rather than a preteen.
    11. They aren't on the english page and none of the american sites have the one I want. I want the Kimono one and the purple one, so buying 2 was the plan.

      I emailed Dollmore last night and this morning they said I could order off the other page.

      I think I will wait until I can afford the MSD Dollmore girl I want and then order them all, to really justify the shipping.

      Konji Doll - »õ³»±â(sanaegi) is my favorite face, but I hate the clothes. I love the purple one.