La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. I'm getting an Fdoll boy body, and I have a Supia mod-to-boy body at my disposal. I will let you know how both work out when my Edria gets here. :)
    2. There are some more pictures of Edria at different angles in this link.
    3. Ah, I've been stalking the website daily for some of those! Yes, thank you, I am determined to get this doll. 8D
    4. Edria has a really interesting face! It's a little strange, but that's the appeal. Can't wait to see owner pics!
    5. The head has very fine features, but a strong brow and outer jaw, like Roderich. I love the picture of them together. I think I might open the eyes of mine just a mm or two more, though.

      I'm so excited for ordering day. What a beautiful sculpt. :D
    6. I think this is a interesting head, very lovely in detail, I want to wait and see when they go on sale, choosing a body should not be too hard.
    7. I'm going with an Fdoll boy body. :)

      It's going to be here soon!
    8. I want this head so badly and I can't wait until next month to order it, do we have to be a member of the website before we can order?
    9. That's a GREAT question that I have NO IDEA what the answer for it is. Anyone want to enlighten the two of us? I don't want to miss my boy. :c
    10. I think we don't need to be a member to buy their heads, you guys just need to order as fast as you can after they open pre-order for Edria.
    11. I will slaughter the competition if I have to. >:I
    12. No you don't have to be a member to order her head. Eventually a page will be up for her and then an "add to cart" button that you'll be able to click on.
    13. In return for your excellent information Cloudedmind, I will spare you your soul. ;)
    14. Much thanks for the info, I can't wait to order this head as well!
    15. *chuckles* Thanks! I really do kind of need it for other things.
    16. What could pssobily be more important than giving it to me?- oh wait, no, I know. The dolls get it first, right!

      But in all seriousness, thanks so much for the additional stuff. I've been searching through it every few hours obsessively to admire the pretty head. ;)
    17. Anyone else hoping to make Edria a boy? I just don't see Edria as a girl at all...
      unfortunately not realizing the "she" word wasn't a mistake and not knowing
      the neck measurements I already had Edria planned out on a Dollshe Rythmos
      body. My plans are crushed :( On the bright side I won't be as broke.
    18. I think a few other people wanted to make her a boy, but she has a small neck hole for a guy doll so you'd either have to go with a smaller male body or mod the neck. And I personally think she looks very much like a girl. A rather calculating one if I do say so myself.

      And yes I must save my soul for my dolls. xD
    19. I have an Fdoll body on the way. I'm picking it up from the post office today. If it doesn't work, I'll but a female body and modify it, or something. I'm not so bothered. I could also modify the neck hole, but depending on how long the neck is or how naturally the head will sit on the body in the first place. I remember Nanuri 2007 was a small head, and some complained that it looked strange on a male body (the same for SD13 Kohya/Tohya, actually, as they sat very high on SD13 boy bodies), but it might not bother me so much!

      Are you sure I can't buy it from you? I'll pay a high price! ;D
    20. Where did you find the info about her neck? LLT said that it would be no problem to put her on a male body, but... :<