La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. ;A; Ohgod she's beautiful. Want. I almost want her for a character, but she'd have to be twins with the one I've got already. xD; D'oh. ;A; mahhhh want more pictures ahhh.
    2. I can see Edria as a female doll and I hope she will stay she (i.e. smaller neck to fit girls' bodies). I feel, there are a plenty of boy's heads everywhere. A lot of people make a 'boy' from every head regardless how its features are [sure, it's up to the owner so none of my business & I'll be glad to see them around even as boys], but I really do want more realistic girls and women for being girls and woman. I'd like my bjd group is balanced and has both genders.

      Not checked LLT site for a while, have they mentioned anywhere if Edria is going to be time limited [<-- hoping for this for more relaxed ordering] or quantity limited?
    3. The only male body I have at the moment is the new style 70cm from dollzone. That body does actually have a small neck (9.5cm) for being so tall. So I'll probably try her head on it just for laughs. Who knows it may actually work. ;P

      And I think I'll pass. I really do need it for later.

      And Tsukasa I just checked the site and don't see anything new. With the last Roderich sale they did both time and quantity limited. The may do the same with Edria.
    4. To both Tsukasa and Cloudedmind: The reason why I'm so attracted to this head as a male is because, as a person who is drawn to realistic headsculpts, it is very hard to find realism in many dolls. When men are realistic, they tend to have a very similar face shape (like Soom Monzo, Iplehouse Arvid or Luo), or a very similar expression (like Roderich, or Williams). It's true that most heads out there are made into males, regardless of being originally 'female' sculpts or not, but that could also be because the owner can not find the features he/she desires in a male faced doll. Edria has fine features, a strong brow, a heart shaped an evolved Luts doll, really, if you were to take Lishe or El and make them more realistic. I've been looking for a sleeping looking, thick lipped boy forever, who looks slightly more mature than CP dolls, but still comes in a 58cm-ish size.

      So, though I can see Edria as a girl, most definitely, I'm just so glad I finally found a boy who fits my picky criteria!
    5. @Splynterhayde: That's fine and I'm sure you will have a nice doll be it a girl or a boy. And different styles are always great. It's just I'm glad that she is primarily a girl, because I don't need more male dolls. I feel my SD sized group is very unbalanced and I am definitely not an 'only male dolls' person.
    6. Actually, I was in love with this head until I saw more pics - profile is amazing, true that, but looking closely she reminds me of christian marble figures... which may be interesting, but is somehow a turn off for me XD Everytime I look at this photo with female body I see some kind of a Saint, not a doll to play with :< That's why I'd never ever make a girl out of it (I don't like girls okay, but that's another thing ) , I still think a boy could be pretty interesting, maybe even 'woah cool' but it's kind of risky.

      And btw info for you:

      "Dear Divane :

      hi! ^3^
      Edria can also match with male body (like ssdf - neck size 10.5cm, SD13boy body or SD17boy body)


      La Légende de Temps"

      It seems that normal boy body neck 10,5 cm will match this head.

    7. Oh! I hope the head isn't too big! I can always try, though!

      Speaking of which, Edria has been released, and I've ordered mine! Huzzah!

      I'm practically running around screaming with my head cut off!

      I'm so excited!
    8. Do the time period heads from LLT actually stay open for the entire order time or are they prone to closing early?

      I want to snag a head because I find it interesting and like the profile a lot for a character I've been debating on making whose first choice in sculpt is simply out of my budget. SD16 Williams girl will forever be a pipe dream, but Edria might work. The face reads masculine to me, which is what I want since the character is a very handsome, mannish woman.
    9. I just paid for my head as well, I do have a body/victim here for her already........another personality for my female I have here now:mwahaha
    10. Kim, I think the last time they held an ordering period, it was closed early, even considering the limited quantities. This was for Vampire Vincent, I believe, but I have no reason to doubt that they'd do it again in Edria's case.

      I think Edria is an excellent alternative to Willians. The eyes, save for the fact that Edria's are sleepier, still have very similar shapes to them, and both have hawkish expressions. Edria's is softer, but if you still want the same edge to her face, you can probably do that with a little bit of modding (it could be the sleepy eyes doing it) or with just a particular kind of face-up! I also think the sculpt is fairly masculine, for a female head. Very good for a handsome woman.


      derilan85: Congratulations! I think she's going to be a stunning addition to your collection! I'm so excited to see how many will be ordered! Gathering from Edria's reception thus far, I have high prospects for her. Well, him, in my case. I've been looking for a delicate, but masculine, sleepy eyed boy forever!
    11. I'm glad since this is my first head from them, contemplating on who to do the faceup........maybe and maybe I will try. I just need to find some good pastels and watercolor pencils not made of a oily base.
    12. What kind of look are you going for? This is also my first time ordering from LLT, so I'm not sure if I ordered correctly -- to choose the right skin tone, I put it in a note with my Paypal payment. I also chose the 'US' option for shipping, though I live in Canada. I told them to contact me if there is a problem, but still, I have a strange feeling I may have done things wrong?
    13. I chose Volks Normal Skin in my note to seller, as for her look she escapes a mental ward and when things don't go her way her face actually changes physically to another person's face. I will give her a look but don't touch makeup to her.
    14. What do you mean, like she's wearing a mask? You could throw some cracks in there -- that might look pretty cool - if that's the idea you're thinking of. Or some wrinkle/strain lines would also be neat. Do you also mean for her to be very natural looking? I'd definitely suggest hyper-realism (maybe veins in the face, too) to suggest a more haggard, 'I just got out of the hospital' look. If you use light peaches (or better, peach-yellows) and blues, you can suggest a fairly unhealthy look to the skin while blushing!
    15. Yeah that's what I am looking for, I don't think I have the kind of skill to pull it off, but I am willing to attempt to give her that look. She will be sharing a body with my Infiniti Daffodil named Emily. Emily has no idea what is going to happen to her when she gets mad.
    16. I am debating Edria, but I see her as a very sexy female with deep red full lips and dark lined side glancing eyes. OH, and white skin for sure. Any sugestions on WS large busted female bodies that may work ??? The ones I have are going to be too white. This sculpt has so much character it will be interesting to see what everyone does with it!
    17. Ugh, a little earlier then I would have liked. I do have the money but I wanted to spend it on a new camera first. Oh well. I guess I'll put off buying the camera until next Friday.

      Kim: When they did this last Roderich release I believe the release was open until the end of the ordering period. At least very very close to it.
    18. Got a email today and my order is confirmed! Now to sit back and wait........
    19. Same here. What color did you order your head in derilan85? I ordered NS.
    20. Got my order in for this lovely lady, in the Volks Normal. I ended up just putting a skin tone note in the paypal payment comment section also -- and I did get a confirmation email back from them that repeated the order correctly, so I guess that is what we're supposed to do. I didn't see any other form areas to do it in at the time I ordered. Her face is just so striking; was impossible to pass her up. Ludwig looks so promising, too. Were it any other month, I would have wanted to try for a Roderich, but there's just no doing at the moment.