La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. I ordered Volks NS color too, now the body I have here is poor Emily is mad at me for selling her brother so she will act out soon enough.
    2. I've got the first white skinned head, then.

      I've got a receipt, but no confirmation mail, yet. Is the receipt the same thing?
    3. Does someone want to start a Waiting Room for Edria? That would be the place to talk about order confirmations, character plans, who ordered what etc. Thanks so much! :chocoberry
    4. She. Is. Sublime. She looks like an angel or a Greek goddess. *A* :aheartbea
    5. Made a waiting room for LLT in general, since there didn't seem to be one already for any of the other sculpts! Hope that's okay!
    6. I think Edria is an incredibly beautiful sculpt with endless possibilities. She has such depth of feeling to her and I get a sense of strength as well.

      I definitely see her as female. But so many of the male sculpts are very "beautiful" so I suppose Edria can go either way. She can be whoever or whatever you want her to be! I look forward to receiving her and see what she whispers to me about who she will be.

      I notice someone posted they ordered her and received a confirmation. I ordered Edria and paid on April 28 but as yet no confirmation. This makes me worried. Does anyone know if they always send out confirmations?

      I love this beautiful girl so much I would hate for my order (not to mention payment) to get lost!

      Thank you.

    7. I haven't gotten a message, either. Have you gotten a receipt?
    8. LLT can be a bit touch and go with confirmations. I was actually surprised I received one so soon. They often tend to take a bit longer. I would say if you don't receive one in a few more days then definitely email them or contact F_Mihael
    9. Splynterhayde--no receipt, just my Paypal record that payment was made.

      Cloudedmind - ok, I'll try not to fret! Thanks for letting me know that LLT don't confirm right away.

    10. I just ordered my normal skin girl. Now to find a head. I am wondering if she will fit on my Thassa II body or if I need to start looking for one of her own. I am not normally an SD person but that face haunted me and I checked her out at least 5 times a day.
    11. Please post tons of photos, everyone who's ordering her! Much as I wish I could this 1st round, I think I am going to wait to see what everyone does with her before deciding if she's for me. Course then I have to hope there'll be another pre-order period, ugh!
    12. Definately will take lots of pics of her when she gets here on the SID13 girl body from Infiniti doll I have here. Her face is very unique and she does look like her bro too, but I really did not want to get him.
    13. @ meili-melee

      *.* That's gorgeous. I love the color and I'm kind of iffy on the wig xD but overall, it really caught me off guard. It's kind of coincidence that Julia is also my name x3.
    14. I can't wait to get this head, I definately have plans for it!
    15. Has anyone figured out what body Julia has her Edria on? Those new pictures just make me love her more!
    16. my edria has been arrived!!
      I am in China.So she arrived very fast!I would like she to be a boy.Planing a Luts senior delf boy body to Edria.
      ps.Edria has two teeth!it's great!

      Lace Princess,the body Julia used is Luts senior delf girl body.
    17. amberring30 Wow she's wonderful! yeah lucky you stay in China, my friend also already got her Edria.
      I think senior delf girl body would be perfect for her~ congrats!
    18. She/he is beautiful. Lucky you ! That was so fast
    19. amberring30
      She/he is beautiful, congrats! Thank You for the information regarding the body. Is your Edria white or normal? the resin looks so smooth.