La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. argh, looking at this thread i am sighing so much! she's my dream doll, hoping to get her as soon as possible. i have so much planned for her! by the way, does julia cross take commissions to do the face-up like she does on the Edria heads on her flickr stream?
    2. Ahhah, she is! XD
    3. Damn, I know I'm spamming with Mona, but I just can't resist showing her now, when our glowing eyes are finally arrived! TwT
      I'm really sorry XD

    4. [MENTION=58178]Snowy[/MENTION]
      my edrias are normal skin^^ hope that can help you.

      Btw I have a white skin spirit doll head properly from 2013/2014 , I can take some photo if anyone are interested.
    5. Welp. Joining the thread for edria! Would the little edria head be too small for the dt18 since the head is slightly smaller than the original?
    6. I agree! She's beautiful! You did a gorgeous job on her faceup. I love Edria on the Spiritdoll Proud body. Is yours on version 1 or 2? I tried mine on a BeYours body as well and found the same as you--nice resin match but the head is a bit too big for the body proportionally.

      Anyway, she's gorgeous!

      You live in Salem, Oregon? I'm in the Eugene area. Do you ever go to any doll meetups?


      I thought I'd add to the head/body subject for Edria. I admit, I'm completely obsessed with Edria! It was love at first sight for me. She's such a gorgeous and versatile sculpt.

      Anyway, these are the bodies (all female) I've used and like with Edria head:

      Normal skin Edria (early batch) on original Granado NS body, also works with Granado new version body. Haven't tried the Maiden body.

      Normal skin Edria on Spiritdoll Proud v. 1 NS body.

      White skin Edria on Spiritdoll Proud v. 1 WS body.

      White skin Edria on "Normal White" Dikadoll body. This is a great resin match, near perfect. The Dikadoll body stands like a rock but I didn't like the hands so replaced with Dollstown 13 hands in Freshskin. Dikadoll has two white skins--one is an almost perfect match with Dollstown Freshskin, this is the Dikadoll "normal white. The other Dikadoll body white is a stark white. This Dikadoll body is also a great alternate body for Dollstown heads.

      Doll Family A body--the "normal yellow" oddly enough is a great resin match for Edria white skin. This is a very pretty and graceful body. The head might be a teeny bit on the large size, but I prefer that to a pin head. About the height of a Supergem body. A neck adjustment is needed to have Edria's head sit a little higher. I just put layers of hot melt glue. Easy!

      I decided to try a very natural, freckled look on my NS dreaming eye Edria. I just wanted to practice painting techniques.


      Well, I hope this provides you with some useful information. I find all your postings absolutely inspiring! Please keep sharing!


      Of all these heads/bodies mixing and matching I like Edria best on the Spiritdoll v. 1 Proud body.

      Yes, I really think the head would look crazy small on the DT18 body. I've seen both in person and don't recommend that combination. Maybe a better fit with the new DT13 body?


    7. Thanks, Jay! i guess I’ll just have to go with the normal open eyed edria :D
    8. Just a warning, even regular Edria looks waaaaaay too small on the DT 18yrs body. Even Roderich, who has a slightly bigger head, looks pin-headed on it, and I prefer small heads. You could try to mod it, but it really doesn't work right out of the box.

      I have a boy on the Ariadoll 18yrs body, which is the same size as a Volks SD17 (and much smaller than the DT body) and he still has a pretty small head. (Also, love spamming my boy!)

    9. I'm thinking about getting an Edria head. Does anyone have pictures of her on a Loongsoul girl 63cm if not then at least the 58cm body? I heard the resin match is pretty good and I already have a couple Loongsoul dolls in my collection.
    10. OMG sadistic_x_blood I love your Michael!!!:love
      I put my Edria OE on switch HD65 body too( which is modified from Ariadoll body)


      His neck is a bit long but I think it's fine if I give him another wig.
    11. I got my head in the mail a few weeks ago! She's so pretty even without a faceup. Now I have to decide what body to use with her, which is the hardest but best part about making a hybrid. I want something curvy but elegant, but there's so many options...
    12. I wanted to share my beautiful Giselle (Edria open eye) with her crochet shawl.
      I made her shawl using crochet thread in "Monet multi" color. Having just learned
      to crochet, I can't read a pattern yet, so I just made this up as I went. I plan to
      put a little fringe on the ends.

      Giselle is on an older Iplehouse SID body in normal resin. I bought her head in
      the Marketplace and she was painted by her original owner, with some small changes
      to the facepaint by me. Her eyes are Gumdrops 14mm, her wig is an older Jpop
      LeedaLong in SunSun which I thinned. Her hands have been beautifully blushed
      by Jay Searle. Outfit by Iplehouse, ruby chip silver ring by Luts years ago, and
      necklace by Facets.

    13. [​IMG]Here's my Sofie on Twigling Ingenue body. Originally, her head was too pink, but it has mellowed nicely.[​IMG]
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    14. Tiasdolls - your Sofie is SO beautiful!! I love her soft facepaint!

      My Dollstown17 gal's body in freshskin just arrived today (ordered in September) and my
      NS Edria head fits perfectly on the body - as I had so hoped!!! The proportions are just what
      I had been dreaming of. She is as yet unpainted, but tomorrow I will get some photos to
      share of my wonderful new gal! Cannot wait to start sewing for this incredible body too!!
    15. OK - finally got to the computer and downloaded my photos. Here is a photo of my
      LLdT Edria head in NS on the newly arrived Dollstown17 gal body in fresh skin.
      The proportions look pretty perfect to me - and I am quite delighted with her.
      The gown she is wearing is an SID size - and I now know how I will change the
      pattern so that it fits this gorgeous slinky body perfectly.


      a couple of other images - here is a full length without clothing:

      and here is a full length without clothing or wig:
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    16. @Robyn_in_WA, she is perfect! IMHO it's the best girl body for edria. Thank you for photos.
    17. ceza - Thank You!!! I love this body for Edria! And the resin match is quite close too!
      My Giselle (photos a bit above) suits her modified Iplehouse SID body quite well too
      and I love how she looks, but this Dollstown 17 body - with it's slender grace - just
      seems a perfect choice for this gorgeous feminine head!! Thanks! :)
    18. @Robyn_in_WA, I have an Edria-boy (**), but it seems to me my next doll would be his twin sister with such gorgeous body :love