La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. I made my Sophie (lLdT Edria on Dollstown17 body) a heavy weight velvet medieval gown
      in a luscious cream crushed fabric. The pattern was modded from my SID pattern to fit
      my Sophie better in the torso as ahe is more slender, ballerina like tha the SID body.
      I have also worked up some chiffon drapes, but no photos of that yet, as Sophie's head &
      hands are away (being painted). Photos when she returns!


      and one more from the other side
    2. My Sophie is back home from being painted by Jay Searle - and I wanted to share
      a photo of her lovely face here. I *love* how she looks!!

      Sophie is wearing a "Mori Girl" dress that I made for my Feeple65 gal ; she has
      'Color of Money Gumdrops urethane eyes, and an Iplehouse wig in Goldenrod.

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    3. She looks lovely, I have a couple of girls painted by Jay.
    4. Thanks @avrilpaeony!! All three of my Dollstown gals have been painted by Jay!
      Sophie looks quite similar to my Fawn (DT Elf Soyu).
    5. Robyn_in_WA, oh, your girl is so airy and lyrical! Pleasant to watch! =)

      Fleur's had her first spring promenade =) It was sunny and windy

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    6. I cannot believe my good fortune to have three beautiful Edria gals.
      This is one of my most favorite sculpts! So gorgeous and feminine!!
      Two of my Edria gals are on the new willowy Dollstown 17 body - the
      two on the right. My newest Edria is on an older Iplehouse SID body.

      Sophie, normal skin - on the right, was painted by Jay Searle.
      Giselle, white skin - in the middle, was purchased as painted from the
      DoA marketplace.
      Jasmine, normal skin - on the left, has a temporary face paint by me.
      All three have 14mm Gumdrops urethane eyes.

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    7. I'll add my witch to the thread
    8. What a lovely witch!
    9. She is so mystic!
    10. [​IMG]

      Our Edria! She's borrowing a loongsoul 60cm body for now but I plan on using the NYID body from Iplehouse :)
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    11. I've been trying to get a half open eyed Edria for a while now. I have a PS Granado body that was a great match for the old Llt NS but naturally as soon as I got the body they changed resin colour. I've been trying to get one second hand with no luck, but now I see there is a batch of open eyed Edrias in rose pink resin... what do people think?

      Has anyone got an Edria recently in NS who could describe the colour to me? I don't have much experience with (successful) resin matching, but I'm thinking that a pinker head might look better than a yellower head. A slightly flushed look? I think I might be willing to compromise on the eye shape to get a better resin match.
    12. @ElizabethX,
      I 've got Edria on Granado body. The head is in old normal and it was a huge difference in skintones with Granado's pink normal. I think now if LLT's normal skintone became pinker it emproved color matching a lot.
    13. Does anyone have their Edria on a thinner boy body? Or have a skinnier boy body and an Edria head they could share? I'm looking for a body that's a thinner and less muscled for the Edria head I ordered. Thanks!
    14. @Sleeping Dead How thin are you thinking? Here's a picture of my Edria head on a Volks SDGr boy body, which is on the lean side. Edria comp
    15. @Cloudedmind thank you, that helps! I've been trying to determine how narrow the shoulders can be before the head looks funny on the body.