La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. @orangetarts, she's supersexy :love

      My Edria got a sleeping head. She's so pacified now **

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    2. I’m loving everyone’s dolls! I think my end goal in this hobby is to get my hands on an Ahaz, his size and facial features are PERFECT for a vision I have!
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    3. I’d like to share my wonderful Edria (on her Dollstown 17 body) wearing her new
      Regency style gown. The fabric is a fine, sheer Swiss batiste in a pale blush color.
      Edria is my absolute favorite female sculpt!

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    4. Hi, has anyone tried their Edria on the Dollshe 16F Classic Maxi or Dollshe 26F Classic Maxi body? I just ordered Dollshe Diana and was wondering if her body could be suitable for Edria. Thanks!
    5. I tried my Edria on a Dollshe Amanda v.1 body and it was a great fit.
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