La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. @Cloudedmind those are actually the exact bodies I'm considering at the moment. I love the DZ body, but I'm worried the shoulders might be too narrow (11cm) since Edria is larger than the DZ heads. And I'm not sure about the resin match for LLT's white and LoongSoul.
    2. Is Julia discontinuing Edria? I haven't been paying attention to her social media accounts lately, and just noticed that Edria appears to be sold out on her site.
    3. The rose pink is sold out but that was a limited color. Looking further, I guess they are all sold out.
    4. Oh i just realized I never posted any photos when I actually put my edria on her correct body! oops~


      The curvy nature of the NYid body suits her character so well ♥ ( i just wish it posed better >>)
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    5. Wow, she looks great!! :D

      My Vampire Edria is on a nYID body (modded neck), and I'm so happy with her!
    6. Yes! Mine also has a modded neck as well.
      The body is yellowed just a little bit and it made the match damn near perfect ^^
    7. @orangetarts, she's supersexy :love

      My Edria got a sleeping head. She's so pacified now **

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    8. I’m loving everyone’s dolls! I think my end goal in this hobby is to get my hands on an Ahaz, his size and facial features are PERFECT for a vision I have!
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    9. I’d like to share my wonderful Edria (on her Dollstown 17 body) wearing her new
      Regency style gown. The fabric is a fine, sheer Swiss batiste in a pale blush color.
      Edria is my absolute favorite female sculpt!

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