La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. Yeah, I got mine after the fifteenth as well! Don't worry!
    2. Do we know what eye size Edria takes? Doll-Leaves finally is taking orders for their super cool eyes and I've no idea what size my incoming Edria-head will even take. :/
      Personally I'm betting on 14mms?
    3. The LLT site says she can take 12 and 14mm eyes.
    4. I will need to get some more 12mm then since I don't have that many, but I do have some 14mm I may try once I get my head as well.
    5. Thank you Cloudedmind! I looked for some sort of information on her and I couldn't find anything. :/ I wonder if I'm just overlooking something ...
      Ahah! I was! I'm so hopeless. But oh I'm excited! Gotta browse wigs.
    6. Edria is shipped much faster than the previous heads. Points for LLT!
      Congrats, everyone, and spam some more photos. Especially if anybody is getting her Spiritdoll Elegance girl body.

      That looks like good news, raykit.

      I've missed Edria's first ordering period, because I was on longer vacation without a proper Internet access, but I was thinking that there would be another ordering time eventually... but if there is going to be Edria with open eyes than I have no regrets at all.
    7. raykit, you're so quick to post new updates! Its so exciting to see Edria with opened eyes, it is giving me tons of new ideas for her!
      Somehow when I look at her, she looks to me much more like boy now. If the Soom body doest work out for her, perhaps she won't be keeping her gender anymore. :ablink:
    8. I got no tracking numbers, the head just showed up when my mom was about to leave the house, at least I have the day off today. I will have to order her the Spirit Doll Elegance girl body, since it matches in color to my Volks Yo-SD Mimi skin color. At least the heads on Spirit dolls website for the elegance girls are about the same size as this one, 23cm heads with a 9.5cm neck so Edria should sit on the body with no gaps at all.
    9. Thanks derilan85, and just to make sure I understand, the head DOES match Volks pureskin?
    10. Yeah, it matches my Volks Yo-SD Mimi, but she is 1-2yrs old so it maybe a little off, but not by much. I am going to order a Spirit Doll body for my Edria head, I love the Elegance jointed torso body, but the single joint looks nice too.
    11. EEEP! I'm getting so excited that people are receiving their Edria heads! I ordered white so perhaps they are doing all the normal skin ones first.

      I hope someone will do a shot of Edria's head on a body. I'm hoping my Spiritdoll proud girl body will work. But I have other types of bodies I'll try her on as well, just to see if they fit.

      Please those of you who have received your heads--do spam us with lots of pictures!!!!!


    12. 2 quick pics of Edria on SID 13 body, which is a perfect match in color!

      There is a slight gap in the back as you can see.
    13. My head arrived today, too -- I was surprised since I didn't get a tracking number or anything. The mailman actually stopped us as we were heading out to the movies, since my folks (next door, usual package receivers) were out already.

      She gets points for 'first box opening in a moving car' for this household. ;)
    14. Sadly no head for me yet. Surprise shipments are great, but I actually kind of wish they'd sent out tracking numbers because after this thing with the post office misplacing my package at the post office, and them claiming to have left me a notice I never got. My only saving grace was that I had a tracking number. I'd hate for them to fake leave me a notice again and not even know that they tried to deliver her. -_- But hopefully she'll show up this weekend or Monday or Tuesday when I'm off from work.

      But congrats everyone on your arrivals!
    15. Derilan your girl is amazing. So cool to see a head on a body. That match is perfection.

      Well, I just got shipping notice so very excited. I am NS too.
    16. I got my tracking number this morning while I was out! My boy was last seen in Shanghai four days ago. Damn right I'll treat this like a murder mystery. 8D

      Wow, derilan, that's a stunning match! I want to see some Edrias with faces, now!~
    17. My Edria showed up today. And congrats on your shipping notice Splynterhayde!
    18. Thank you! I'm hoping he comes Monday. :o