La Légende de Temps - Roderich & Vincent

Sep 13, 2010

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for all. I'm going to buy Roderich in NS and a Granado's body (NS) :) !!! Pics soon, I hope!

      Edit: I bought him!!!!!!! :)
    2. Which Granado body are you getting, Sweet_Yuki? I was re-evaluating body options and liked Granado's new Lads body. I'm not sure I want a super tall boy, so the 68 cm body was a little too tall and a bit beefier than I would like. I think the Lads body is a bit new to have many reference pics so that's making it difficult. It'll be a while before I get my Roderich another body but it's still nice to dream :).

    3. I love lads body, too! . I will order it in the pre-order period (1-3th July) ^__^ All my boys (less DOT Ducan) are 70cm aprox, no problem for me *O*

      How many time it took to send the head?
    4. I found the body comparisons really helpful so I'm going to do my bit. Since someone already put their Roderich on an old Soom SG body...I'm just going to put mine on the new SG body.

      The proportion is actually decent coz the new SG body is buffer than the old one. Too bad about the resin color, Soom is way pinker, and I found the neck a bit short. The only plus side was the really good mobility of the head. He could definitely nod his head. Yeah...I think I'm still going to go for the Popo 68 body.

    5. What's about Popodoll 70cm?

      The resin match is perfect... ._. But gosh, I really love Granado's body... ;_;'


      Resin match - Volks / Granado (pink skin, aka new normal).

      But I think is too pinkish for LLDT? :/ I saw it in another pic.

      How many time will I wait for the head? :O
    6. I remember I saw a picture on Granado's gallery about the LLT resin matching...

      **searching around**
      Maybe this picture will help! although it's Edira but resin matches great in the picture. ^.^
    7. Are they using the same color in the resin?

      "LLT normal skin Edria with pink skin Nuevo body" <- Labs body has "new normal" (pinkish).
    8. I've been mostly away from this board, so it's always nice to come back to pictures of everyone's dolls.
    9. As I recall, Granado's "new normal" is equal to "pink" skin.
      After they canceled "old normal" (which is in yellow tone), then "pink" skin become "new normal". So I am sure they are the same resin ^.^
    10. Wa! Thanks :) I'm going for a Labs body, I guess.

      Again, the same question: Anyone know how much time took LLDT to send the head?
    11. I think when I got my heads it took about a month and a half. It's been a few years now so I don't remember all the details, but it wasn't long. I thought I just read on another LLT thread that someone who ordered a Red Dove head just got a shipping notice and it'd been less then a month since they ordered.
    12. I got a shipping notice about 50 days in. The wait only got hard in the last few weeks before he arrived, so it wasn't bad at all.

      Yay! I can't wait until you get your boy together. I was hoping someone else would be interested in the Lads body before I could buy one just so I could see a reference. Doll companies should get together and make like... a digital database so customers could virtually mix and match before we bought! If anything it could bring healthy competition to get better :D.

    13. Ok! Thank you guys! I will buy the body the next month. Today Dollpamm sent me my Momo, so I am really happy with all!
    14. Hi, I realize I didn't even introduce myself properly but I've been reading this thread for some time coz I always loved LLT's Roderich. I was deterred from getting him at first because LLT was so slow at replying a simple shipping question of mine. But when I saw his head for sale on my local ebay I decided to get him coz the shipping was very minimal and the seller said he was new.

      So here he is, with his faceup. That's not his correct hair color but I didn't really prepare for him. Some day, perhaps.

    15. pictures often distort color... share your impression about the most successful match the color. I will be very grateful!
    16. I almost have my Roddy complete .3. I need to get him some new eyes...and save for his body...but anyway! Anyone seen a Roderich on one of the new Granado bodies yet?? SOMEBODY has to have both ;A;

      [​IMG]::What a Fawkes:: by jackieholic, on Flickr
    17. Yaaaaaaaay!!!! My roderich is coming to my home!
    18. Congrats, sweet_yuki! Did you get to order his body too?
    19. Nop!!!! I'm saving money ^^ I hope I order the Lads body from Granado the next month or in September! I'm so excited &#9829;
    20. Ok, sorry for the double-post! But the Granado's (Lads) body is ordered!!!!!!