La Légende de Temps - Roderich & Vincent

Sep 13, 2010

    1. Can't wait to see how he looks! I'm eyeing the Lads body too, for my Roderich...
    2. i wonder when i can buy half closed-eye roderich head in ws...;_; llt website says sale period is closed so im wondering if there's no more chance ;_;
    3. As far as I know, they have periodical ordering periods. Because LLT is a small company, they've opted to do it this way so they can better manage and control their production, just like IOS and DollClans. So you just have to be on the lookout.
    4. I want to show you the face-up for my Roderich. Still waiting the Granado's body!!!! I can't wait more, goooosh *_*

      He needs piercings and all stuff, but I'm so happy with the final look ♥

    5. Just fell hard for Roderich. I hope he's still available by the time I scrape up some money.
    6. I do hope LLT has another ordering period soon! I am waiting for an OE Roderich myself :)

      Here is the wig I made for my basic Roderich. He will be my Thranduil when I can get around to making an outfit.

      [​IMG]IMG_20140921_122922 by AndreaJEP, on Flickr
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    7. Mine is on the way! It might be a while until he gets a body though.
    8. Congratulations! When did you order him? That wasn't too long of a wait.
    9. AUGHH!! *insert hair-tearing-out here*

      I hate to revive this thread on such an aggressive, cranky note, but my body-plans have been thrown awry for my Roderich.

      I've been working on some modifications to my Volks SD17, and because the body has been without a head for the moment, I popped my Roderich head on him, thinking, "Lots of people like him on this body, and it would be nice to have Garth around for a bit!"

      While I've loved having my Roderich as a complete doll, I cannot express how much I dislike him on the SD17, which is fine and dandy, as they're VERY expensive and I'd rather not boot my Volks head off the body anyway. The proportions are all wrong for his character, and, perhaps a bit humorously, the character that I've painted Roderich into seems to feel the same way [he reminds me of a deer right now; not sure what to do with all his lithe limbs!] At this point, I was still in high spirits, and decided to check the price of the Classydoll 61cm body I had picked for my Roderich....

      ...only to find they've closed up shop and discontinued the line.

      *more hair-ripping*

      I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonably-priced, 61cm range body that would match a 2014 ws Roderich? I don't mind having to blush him if I have to, and the character I have for the head is a shorter man, so I don't want to go too much taller than 60-63cms. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated!!
    10. I've tried to find some pictures but can anyone help me find LLT Roderich on a Popo doll 63cm body? I'm not sure that I want him to be so tall as the 68cm but I don't know if the proportions are okay on the 63cm.
      I suppose if it comes down to it I can always do a leg mod to cut down on some of his height, it worked well on my Souldoll Double.
    11. Nekosam: I had my Roderich on a popo68 once, and I think the head would be big for a popo63. You have to compare the shoulder wide and neck to be sure.
      I´d recommend to go for a 68 and mod its height if you are comfortable with it.
    12. Thank you so much for the input Sjota! I think I will go for the 68cm, since I know it works.
    13. Hello! ^-^ I'm relatively new to this thread, but I've been eyeing with LLT dolls for a while. Last week I finally decided to take my chance, and ordered a Red Dove head. I'm so excited!

      I'd like to ask a practical question - I payed for my order, but didn't get any confirmation mail, and altough I contacted Julia about the issue through the webpage and by email, I didn't get a reply. I'm a little bit worried if my order went through or not... (the money definitely did, but I noticed it's a different email account she uses for paypal, so she might not notice it).

      I know it's only been a week, but do you have any experience regarding LLT's communication?
    14. someone know how goes lldt ws on fresh color from dollshe..?
    15. YES, actually!! Freshskin has considerably more pink to it than the LLdT white skin resin, at least from the batches I have. The LLdT resin may be a better match for pale resin, or even the milk-honey resin, as it also has a slight translucency to it. I can take pictures for you tomorrow!

      All this said, my Roderich is currently on a dollstown fresh-skin body and it's DEFINITELY within a blushable range. 8]
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    16. oh thank you for reply my answer :) i ask that because i saw some pictures on flickr of a roderich ws on a dsam32s body from dollshe on fresh skin.. and looks really acceptable. but the roderich was from 2012 i think.. I'll be waiting for your pics! :3nodding:
    17. i wonder how goes lldt ws on mirodoll ws...?
    18. I have fallen in love with the Roderich sculpt <3 he is amazing.
      And I wonder if somebody have tried to use the 67 cm body from RaMCube?

      And would 10.5cm neck fit the 11cm neck hole?
    19. @Sholestica I've sometimes put my Roderich heads on my Dollshe Pure body which has a 10.5cm neck and they fit fine.
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    20. yes. dollshe bodies fit very well on roderich and in my case Lazuli.. i have a WS Lazuli and i put him on a DSAM32s body on fresh skin and it looks great :)