La Légende de Temps - Roderich & Vincent

Sep 13, 2010

    1. Not sure if this is the right thread for general LLT heads and body, please move my post if it isn't.

      Has anybody got wind of the price of the new full dolls?
      Any further details about the body posing abilities?

      I like Ludwig, there is something very young about him.
    2. This thread is kinda dead, does anyone have any news on LLT? I have a Dove head tan that I just removed the faceup and the resin got ruined. I'm trying to get hold of the artist but all updates seem to be from 2016.
    3. Perhaps you are looking at the old website? They launched earlier this year.
    4. Thank you. I emailed them since the contact is not working. Hopefully I'll get an answer.
    5. I’m only coming here to express my woes. I am desperately seeking this sculpt, I am not allowed access to the marketplace because I’m new to DOA, and I reached out to LLT and she sounded pretty convinced she wasn’t launching Roderich ever again.

      Quite a sad day. I love looking at all of y’alls beautiful Rods
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    6. Julia has remained non-committal about rereleases in the past but then made sculpts available again. My understanding was that Roderich was going to be retooled for the new slim body she's working on. It might take a couple of years, but I'm sure he'll be available again. And in the meantime you will certainly have gained access to the secondhand MP. He's not terribly difficult to get, but he has been recast so be careful of provenance if you decide to go that route.
      I should really take some new photos of my Roderich now that he has a pro face-up. I hated my own paint job on him, so he got ignored for yeeeeears. :roll:
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    7. @St. James A-at least yours has a body! I'm pretty sure when mine finally get some there're just going to choke me in my sleep.:lol:
    8. Yeah, we got all angsty waiting more than a year for their Dollshe Pure bodies to ship, as if it even matters now. I'm so slow about getting dolls finished. I think seven years is becoming my average? XD
    9. Please do take pictures! . I have heard about his recast, I will definitely be cognizant of that when on my search and I will be keeping my fingers crossed on a reworked Roderich!
    10. Well, Julia posted on Instagram that she'd been getting so many questions about Roderich she finally confirmed that he will be rereleased on the new slim 70cm body along with Neil and Lazuli.
      The slim body has a 12.5cm neck, so the older heads will not fit this new body. She says his face has finer details in the new version. He looks a bit different to me. I suppose when the body is finished I'll be choosing between Neil and Lazuli. :sweat
    11. Slim body with 12.5 neck? :ablink:
    12. I wonder how different Lazuli will look as his original version was discontinued so she could update the head to fit the new body she was working on. I loved the old version, but never got around to buying one.

      Edit: I just saw the new Roderich head and I agree @St. James, the head looks more intense/severe to me now.
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    13. Slim seems to mean "slim relative to the massive body currently available." :XD:
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    14. Hi all!

      Yesterday I got a Roderich head in NS. Right now he is wearing a DollShe Rhythmos body in oriental skin. Their colors match ok and neck hole size fits ok too.

      But I would like to know other body options, by color and size.

      Any of you could help me with this issue?

      Thanks in advance and sorry to the moderators if I'm wrong posting this here.
    15. I'm eager for this release... I'm so amazed with all the pictures Julia shares on IG, etc I really can't wait!