LatiDoll Yellow Discussion part 27

Jun 28, 2021

    1. This is a discussion for LatiDoll Yellow.

      The Lati Yellow line are the most popular dolls produced by LatiDoll. The genderless basic "renewal" body is 16 centimeters tall, with the special bodies (abbreviated SP) which can be male or female are roughly 20 centimeters.

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    2. Berry has new eyes! Same color but the pupils are smaller so she doesn’t look so dazed :aeyepop:
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    3. No new thread spam, as I still don't own any full Lati babies. I did, however, just order the mystic head Elly (in the darker tan) and a pink Mia. So maybe in six or seven months? (Who am I kidding? I'm pretty sure one will jump at me from the MP at any time now that I've caved and taken my first step into LatiLand... LOL!!)
    4. Omg, so cute!! Those new eyes are perfect. I also love the swoosh of her hair. Makes her look like she’s moving!

      Congrats on joining the Lati club! Something I once heard that I found to be true is that Latis are like a bag of potato chips… you can never stop at just one! Lol! :lol:
    5. Thank you @nancy_schroeder_ca and @Sheyda! The wig is a Monique Gold “Mika.” It has style to it without being too bulky on a tiny. I have the same one in blonde on Mina but styled differently.
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    6. I’m finally 100% happy with Mina’s look, first time feeling like a doll is complete :)
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    7. Awww she is so cute!! I love how perfectly you color matched her eyes to her outfit. :D And where did you get that dress? It's really nicely made!

      I just bought a secondhand Secret Garden Ladybug G.Yuri in tan skin. :XD: Lati still hasn't shipped out my other one (they said they're planning to ship it this month), but I've always loved this particular event doll, so I had to get her. My two G.Yuris will be twins with different skin tones, lol.
    8. The dress is made by a seamstress on Etsy, am I allowed to post a link?

      Maybe your Latis are taking longer because they aren’t in normal skin tone. I’m surprised you’re still waiting when we ordered around the same time. I want to get a Lati white but I’m supposed to be on a buying break to do renovations on the house :|
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    9. I think links are fine to post. I usually just say where the link goes to so you know where it'll take you. Mods haven't said anything to me about it so far.

      Hehe, so I actually have a confession... I asked Lati to change my order to Normal Skin back in late March! lol. It was right after I sold my first G.Yuri and ordered the white skin one, that I finally found some current images of white skin Latis, like this flickr image. It's so gray! I realized that I'd rather have a doll with orange skin than gray-undead skin. I can learn to live with it. :lol: I'm just hoping that maybe Lati casted me a new G.Yuri with a slightly different peachy tone this time around (one that isn't literally neon orange).

      Ooh, yeah, necessities always come first. Lati whites will still be there waiting for you. ;) Hope the renovations are going well!
    10. the seamstress’ Etsy username is JeniferParadise for anyone that wants to know who made the dress.

      It does look grey, have you seen any owner photos of peach white? I want the little T.Hana in tan so bad but I know something will come around when I’m ready. Can’t wait to see your new ones when you get them!
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    11. Yeah, here's a couple PW's I found on Flickr:

      Salon de Lati Miracle
      Happy w/ PW skin

      It seems to have a very pink undertone. I think it's cute!
      Ooh, yeah, that little lizard T.Hana is super cute. Maybe Doll Peddlar will offer a preorder and/or layaway for her! :)
    12. The peach white is nice.
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    13. So I just found a super cute new Lati clothing shop on Etsy!! It's called MoriDollyCrafts.
      They're so cute and well-priced!
      I had to buy a few dresses. I especially love that pastel pink and blue one, and the ivory turtleneck one with the tulle sleeves. :love

      Edit: Hmmm, now I’m hoping that this is legit? Lol. Guess I’ll find out a few weeks! The seller sent me a message saying that she’s shipping it now.
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    14. @Sheyda: I think the strawberry dress and bonnet is adorable, so is the Lati modeling it.
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    15. I saw them too, uh oh! I kind of went crazy on Lati Yellow clothes already, now if they’d just hurry up and get here.
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    16. Yeah, there are so many cute clothes to pick from! Lol. I can’t wait to see what you bought! You must have picked out something super cute.

      I’m starting to feel better about my purchase. I was a little worried, because the Instagram account for the store (dolls.cake) has 190k followers, which are obvious fake accounts that she paid for. You can tell they’re fake, because they don’t even “like” or comment on her photos! I wasn’t sure if this meant her products were fake too. But this seller has been very communicative and sent me a tracking code and even a photo of my package. So I think this store is legit. I’ll post photos once I get those dresses, of course. :whee:
    17. Here's my Lati Yellow Mystic Elly
      [​IMG]20210501_214636 by Christine J., on Flickr
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    18. I was looking for the shop on Etsy and I couldn’t find it.

      edit less than a minute later: I guess it was a glitch because it’s showing up now?
    19. Do you all notice that your latis have a strong resin smell? like nauseating strong? idk if its because i have 7 of them in one box and I never display, but when I opened it the other day i almost felt sick from the fumes. Maybe they just need to air out for a few days. It's making me stressed about playing with them because I have severe anxiety about illness :frownyblush: