LatiDoll Yellow Discussion part 27

Jun 28, 2021

    1. Ouch! My poor wallet lmao. Whelp, $194.95 is better than $210.00, and I have some nice things I don't use anymore that I can sell.
    2. I'm very lucky that I have some money saved that I haven't had to use on single use textbooks, which means more dollies for me! :D
    3. Check out this new notice, do you think they’ll make it in those limits?
      Notice: Lati delivery policyFAQ - Latidoll
    4. I would be surprised if they did since its been soooo long lately, but I hope so! I wish that applied to older pending orders too so I don't have to wait until january/february for my Latisland dolls
    5. The Latisland ones are limited so they will still be longer if they follow that notice. I ordered my basic Berry back in March and it only took two months but I might have bugged them a little, lol!
    6. But still, 65 days for a limited is soooo fast. I think I already waited that long so far haha
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    7. 65 working days actually means 3 months. And Lati starts counting only after the order period ends. Other companies start from the day the order is paid for. However, 3 months is a lot better than a year. I wonder if Lati has finally got their production in order instead of always having the huge delays. Face ups and outfits make the waiting periods longer, that's why blank basics are always faster.
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    8. I've been wondering the same thing ... just how long are people waiting these days for their Latis?! I actually stopped buying because the waits became ridiculous. I remember waiting over a year and a half for dolls to show up. It was awful. I certainly hope production and shipping has improved as well.
    9. I believe 6 months, so far with mine still waiting though
    10. Whoah, that's such a long wait time! I hope the transfer to the new site doesnt mess people's orders up D:
    11. So I've been looking at the renewal bodies offered on The Doll Peddlar and the version 2 body is in the normal skin. Would that match the current normal skin that the company uses? I thought the version 2 body was released in 2013 but I dont know if that's the same resin or not that's been used for the current dolls in 2021. :/
    12. I am such a lurker but am admiring all these cuties in this thread….
      But have come back to this post because I’m smitten and can’t identify one in particular!
      Have to ask who is the cutie in the pink hat in second photo- thank you!
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    13. Haha, don't feel bad - I haven't been on DoA in years lol. I've noticed this Lati thread is not as crazy active as it used to be and the Flickr group has completely flatlined. :( Anyway, that's my Shanghai Limited Panda Girl Belle - she was the last doll I ordered from Lati and took the longest to arrive. She is so stinkin' cute! Here's another pic of her ...

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    14. Cute!! That wig color looks so good with her faceup and resin <3 <3
    15. Ummm every normal skin doll that I own is a different shade actually :XD: and none are older than 2018 I think.. so it may not be a perfect match but probably close enough? There’s really no way to tell but maybe you could ask doll peddler to show you a photo comparing it to a 2021 doll
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    16. Oh boy, I'll do that then lol I hope they'll be similar in color!
    17. I messaged the owner of The Doll Peddlar and she answered almost instantly! She said the bodies are all in the new normal skin so there shouldn't be much variation :) I get paid this week so I'll be getting together my savings and ordering my Loui his body (hopefully if no sudden expenses come up) :D
    18. Thank you! She stole it from Flower Garden Miel :lol:
    19. Hello everyone :whee: I’m new here (posted only once in the lati discussion thread few years back)! I thought I would never buy a lati doll again but here I am with my new girl after 7 months of waiting! Wizard of Oz Sophie is the first lati doll I fell in love with and I never expected lati to release her again :D I’m so happy I finally got her!

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    20. Oh my lord she's so precious! Her purple outfit is so stinking cute, she's beautiful! Have you named her by chance?