Least favorite size?

Jun 20, 2018

  1. Tinies

  2. SDs

  3. MSDs

  4. Large 70cm+ SDs

  5. Slim MSDs like MNFs

  6. Chubby MSDs like DearSDs

  7. Yo-Sds

  8. 1/8th Tinies like Pukifees/Lati Yellows/Tiny Delfs etc

  9. Tiny Tines like PukiPukis

  10. Don't have a least favorite size, like them all equally.

Multiple votes are allowed.
    1. I only owned SD sized dolls, but I'm actually kinda curious about the smalls... Like, the really small ones! :aheartbea
      I have a feeling that if a see a tiny I really like, I might just get them...
    2. I like inbetween sized dolls the best! Those 35cm dolls like chibi unoas are really cute. I tend to collect in 1/4 scale generally, leaning towards adult style dolls.

      I appreciate dolls that areaSD sized and bigger, but personally I find them a bit TOO big for me to actually own.

      I wouldn't mind trying a 50cm girl one day though :)
    3. Out of all the size ranges, yo-sd is the one I'm pretty "meh" about. Msds are a good compromise for me between the size of SDs (whose aesthetics I love, but...500 sq ft apartment, lol. Someday!) and the childishness of a lot of yo-sd dolls, which really don't do anything for me. Fantasy tinies are great, but anything in the cutsey cabbage-patch kids aesthetic range is just...meh. Meh, I say!
    4. I collect Nendoroids too (its how I started collecting Re-ments) so that's why I love Pukifees and other 1/8th tinies, I want my BJDs to be at least up to Nendoroid size, anything smaller than that though is a no-go for me.

      Oh man I forgot to mention that type in my OP as that's another one I heavily dislike, the bulking huge, ultra realistic muscly men dolls---- no thank you.

      I'm also not a fan of anything in the 70cm+ range either (or should that be more 80cm+ range?) Actually its not so much I inherently dislike that size as I do others just I would never collect them myself because that's starting to veer out of doll territory and straight into the small child/mannequin one lol!
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    5. My least favorite size is SD not so much because of their actual size, but because it's the hardest size to find the types of dolls I like in. SD size dolls usually come in realistic styles but I prefer designs more whimsical, like the kind that are most common in tiny size.
    6. I have some trouble with MSD-sized dolls, rather they're the traditional kid-like ones or the more recent slim minis. I like my Yo-scale tinies and my Micros a lot, and I love 1/3-scale dolls... but anything in the "in between" size range just sort-of confounds me. I guess in some part of my mind, I'm not sure what to *do* with them... So the few I have just sort of hang around, as the kids or siblings of my other dolls. I rarely tinker with them, unlike the rest of the crew.
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    7. MSD scale dolls really don't do anything for me. I love YoSD girls and 70cm guys, so MSDs of any scale kind of get stuck in between scale-wise and I don't know what to do with them. Don't get me wrong though, Fairyland's fantasy minis have me sorely tempted. I wouldn't say no to a Lucywen or a Sia. I wouldn't know what to do with one, but all the same...
    8. I chose 70cm+ because no matter how many times I think I should try again, I always end up selling them within a few weeks. They're just too big for me to enjoy handling, I never feel like taking them to meets or conventions, finding clothes to fit is a pain since there are so many various big body types who can't share clothes, and I just don't have the space or displays for that size doll. I LOVE looking at them and think they're gorgeous, but they just aren't for me.

      I'd also have to say I'm not a fan of dolls under 50cm, but I do own a few, so they aren't my least favorites technically, I guess? I only have them as children to my SD crew, plus my first doll was MSD and I just can't bare to sell him, even if he no longer fits with the rest.

      I'm really about SD all the way, all of my favorite dolls are in the 52-64cm range.
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    9. I guess? I don't actually own any tiny dolls so I have no reference for size. ><
      But nendo-petites/petite-charas are super small, although they don't have crazy joints or anything
    10. My least favorite doll is over 60cm size doll because that is tooooooo heavy for me to bring out.
      And it will occupy my living space too much.
      So, I always pass these kind of dolls when their news release.
    11. I don't dislike the teeniest tinies or the 70cm+ dolls, they're just not for me. I prefer the more moderate sizes, like MSDs and Yos.
    12. I don't know hat it is about the 1/8 scale dolls that doesn't work for me.

      It's not that I don't like them - I see them, think they're adorabe, and buy them but, once I have them, I don't do much with them. I'll change them into a cute outfit, then leave them untouched for weeks or months on end, then change them again and leave them untouched.

      I eventually sell them on becuase they're underappreciated compared to the dolls I pick up and play with. I've tried many of that size - Elfdoll Hana Angel and Devil, Custom House Bisou Ai, Fairyland PukiFee, currently Fairyland RealFee (which are seeing marginally more play than the previous ones. Probably beciase they're more obviously Fae than the more human-styled ones I've had in the past) but not by much.

      Smaller sizes and larger sizes all get picked up and played with but that size... not so much.

    13. I chose 1/8th and tiny tinies (humanoids only, small pet dolls are OK). I wouldn't say I dislike them, but I would never own a humanoid doll of that size myself.
    14. Probably anything smaller than your average MSD... though I cannot speak from experience as I don't own any dolls, I find that, just looking at around 45cm on a tape measure (smh...) even MSDs are probably too small for my giant, clumsy hands and that I would definitely prefer SD size.
    15. I'm the weird outlier who enjoys my two 1/12ths dolls. I take them with me everywhere and get a lot of great "me and my resinchildren at work" pics from them. They fit into an old sunglasses case and they've got delicate, sweet little faces that I feel no need to improve upon. And they were the most affordable dolls, at under 100 USD respectively. I love all my dolls, and I have a cargo-hold's worth of MSDs, but I wouldn't say I'm averse to other sizes. Quite the opposite. I'm hoping to get more range of sizes when my budget and space allow.
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    16. Big buff dolls. So no Iplehouse for me ;).

      Puki's on the other hand were dolls I thought I wouldn't like, but then I noticed that they are almost perfect dollhouse size. Had to have :D.
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    17. Like @fairithilien, I also have not been very attracted to dolls between 35 and 50. MSDs have just never really appealed to me. I like SDs (for their realism) and tinies (for their quirkiness), but MSDs just feel like an odd inbetween. And I generally don't like the usual bobble-headed proportions. And the mature proportioned ones I do like wouldn't fit in anyway and at that point I'd rather have them in a different size.

      Also, Yo-SDs, not because of the size, but because so many are toddlers, and I am not into getting anyone that age.
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    18. I really like handling yosds, but I don't like how they look. So I guess in that way they are my least favourite size?
      Otherwise I have a grudge against 70cm dolls. All the big dolls I've had, I had trouble finding a good elastic that could support their weight <_< and overall just a pain to move around and pose.
    19. lol I really can't vote on that poll, I'm too indecisive... It's a hard choice between the 70+ and the 12cm dolls. I have a headless 72cm body and dear lord it's huge! He'll have nowhere to sit once I get him a head. But the 12cm is so small and his knees and elbows twist in a weird way and I'm too scared to restring him. I started out with MSD and I love my 50-whatever-cm IoS boy.But that 65cm girl is just wow. Maybe it'll just take more time to get used to the larger ones. Even with their size related cons I don't ever see myself selling them.
    20. I'm not really a fan of dolls that look like babies or children, so basically anything smaller than a MSD is out. That being said, I do have one YoSD, and I'm actually considering getting him a friend (sister??) in a similar size. But I'm definitely gonna end up with more MSDs and a LOT more SDs.
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