LEEKE Owners of Sweet, Honey, Bambi collective clothing list

Aug 9, 2005

    1. My SWEET currently only owns her fullset/default dress, and has only a few other things, all stolen from other dolls. :)

      This set (dress and pantaloons) was stolen off a Marie Osmond Tiny Tots doll. The waistline fits like an empire waist, and the dress becomes QUITE pouffy, but it's still sweet as anything!!

      This was her first dress, and what she wore to her first meetup. It was snatched off an 8" Madame Alexander doll. It fits PERFECT, and the sleeves are elastic, so no modifications needed to be taken. (socks and pantaloons come from her default outfit, shoes taken from a porcelain doll)

      These pictures are dark, sorry.
      This one, which appears wrinkled and not to lie flat in the picture, is adorable!! It lies perfect, and is nice and poufy. It includes an underskirt, which is the lowest part of the skirt visible. It's ivory, and adorable!
      I had to undo the seams on the lower part of the sleeves to get her little hands through, and I plan on fixing up the rough ends.
      Bad picture, but it looks fine when her arms are down:
      Oh, and that also came off a Madame Alexander 8" doll.

      This one isn't necessarily practical, but fun for dress-up! :)

      Snatched off yet another Tiny Tots doll!
      A tiny, short kimono style dress, with little short pants beneath. Very cute :)
      Recognize the outfit??
      Why, of course!!
      (I had to slice the tight ends of the sleeves, but not the sleeves themselves.)

      As much as it makes me cringe, there are some brave ones among us....you can always remove your dolly's hands to put on tighter dresses/tops.
      I'm not a fan of it, so I don't. But...you can!

      I'd be interested to see what else turns up on the list! :)

      (Her wig is from Kemper, too. It's far too big, at a size 7-8", but I am going to order her another in her size. )
    2. I went to the second-hand store today and picked up a little TY bear with a sailor dress on. I wondered if it would fit Sweet...and it does! I didn't have to alter it at all. I know there are other TY animals with clothes on in this size...oh I just looked on the bear and it's an Attic Treasures bear. I bet there are some others with cute outfits on them....

    3. 1. Ginny clothing

      I dressed my Honey in this Ginny dress (from clothing pack) upon her arrival. However, it refused to close at the back but this is not noticeable from her pic. I'd always thought that Ginny is chubbier than MA 8" girls and her clothes should fit Leeke better.

      A little disappointed but not discouraged. Last night, I stole a dress off a Ginny and this one fitted o.k. but no photos yet as I couldnt take any just now. This has short elasticised sleeves.

      2. MA 8" doll clothing

      I tried the "lady bug" dress on and they fitted nicely as you can see below.