Leekeworld Elf

Nov 30, 2006

    1. Doooo iiiiiit... (I did XD)
    2. Cool! Who did you get?
    3. A blank NS Sweet head ^^ No way could I NOT get one! I'll get make-up and a body another time when I can afford it lol ^^; (I'd love to have gotten one of each, of course!)

      I got it blank, as well, because I'm unsure whether to have it as a girl or boy, happy or mischevous (sp?), so this gives me time to decide ^^
    4. I don't quite understand what this is.

      So, you could make two orders to order a head and a body for only $285?

      Help me out, please! Dx
    5. curious, if anyone could point out, if the elf leeke head fit on a bambicrony body? it has lots of joints, and by luck i would stick the leeke elf head on a bambicrony winged body.
    6. it might work , they are similar size
      Leeke head is slightly larger
      by half an inch in diameter
      I cant see why it wouldnt
      there are always ways :)

      Im putting a Bambi head on a Bobo boy body
    7. WOW what beautiful photos

      Im very tempted myself now , I love the Leeke head , but Im not so keen on the Leeke one peice body ...I could buy a Bambi body later ...cool
    8. I was wondering about that too myself and that is a beautiful doll
    9. Is the cutoff for the raffle already done?
    10. They did say they'd draw on the 4th, I believe, and names would be announced on the 10th.
    11. They said sales before the fifth and it's the fifth in Korea already. I really lovethe elf ears but I'm wondering on whether to get a honey head I have other presents to buy and also just splurged on a dod Petsha. If i already missed it maybe i can get one closer to the end of the month
    12. you can also pre order them from dollsandfriends which has a layaway!!! I got snowskin Honey with face up by Jimmy
    13. Damn, wish I'd know >_< Then again, I don't think they ship here... ?

    14. Oh No ...LOL
    15. I can't actually find them on there, would you mind posting the link?
    16. I can only find the regular heads as well.

      - Liz
    17. http://dollsandfriends.com/

      just give her an e.mail :) :)

      all I will say is Sweeeeetttttt
    18. Thanks Carrie!! :D :D

      And all I can say is Honeeeeeey! Because I already bought Sweet XD (And they ship internationally AND take Paypal! Just... too good!)

      Does anyone know, if you request a face-up, is it Dollsandfriends that do it or the company of the doll? Can they get default face-ups only, if the latter is the case?