Leekeworld Elf

Nov 30, 2006

    1. I asked fro Jimmy face-up :)
    2. I'm confused, it states quite clearly on the first page of Leeke stuff that they won't take international orders (not that I have the money for a head anyway).

      - Liz

    3. were Sweetie ? Ive looked ?
      Im knackerd tonight and may have overlooked it
      but cant find it , Leeke dont normally restrict shipping
      Im looking on the US site ?

      I know a few have ordered on my miniature Yahoo group Ok too

      I e.mailed Kathy last night about ordering the elf head and she put it through OK

      but I will let you know if anything happens
    4. http://dollsandfriends.com/leeke_world.html

      Just above the first line of photos.

      - Liz
    5. Well, I have a head coming direct from Leeke, so they must take international orders! O_O How strange. I'll email Kathy again and ask her about this and let you know.

    6. LOL no wonder I didnt see it , I was looking on Leeke LOL
      its been a busy week

      I hope so , though ,I have a Mr Hamster on Order and it would be great if I could get both
    7. Kathy replied, she said she doesn't ship overseas because Leeke don't want her to sell internationally :/

      I really can't understand that, when Leeke themselves ARE shipping internationally. I'm going to ask them about it.
    8. wow your right
      I think its a Pain in the Butt !:evil:
      Poor Kathy way to loose custom :...(