Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1

Sep 28, 2013

    1. Did somebody say Blythe clothes fit Lana? I don't know the first thing about Blythe/Pullips except that there is a lot of different ones.
    2. Blythe and Azone pureneemo tops fit Lana. Pants won’t fit over her hips for the most parts. Most dresses should work as long as the aren’t tight fitting at the hips.
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    3. Poor SmoteyMote!
      Oh, feel so sorry for you! I know that feeling, when I wanted to buy the Poulpy girl, they were sold out with the two hours, while I was working! :atremblin:sorryAnd Lanas were gone just with one hour, but this time I left my work place and literally was sitting and hunting!
      And my Poulpy I purchased from the Hong-Kong, as second hand doll! The funnyest thing was, than Rachelle made Poulpy preorder just three days later, I've got mein in hands! But my dream was a grey Poulpy, I stil never met in a second hand market.

      Its a good news, because I have planty of Blythe closes! But stil interesting how they will look on Lana?!
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    4. [​IMG]
      Here’s one example. My Lana currently wears an Azone outfit, but hopefully this will give you an idea!
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    5. Oh! Thanks! It looks not bad at all!!! I imagined her smaller!
    6. I found a “pink skin” Poulpy on the secondhand market. Is Pink the same as PNS?? I didn’t think so, but I can’t seem to find a resin comparison reference photo.
    7. Rachelle has a Poulpy in PNS (Pink Normak Skin), so if the girl are not Pink Tan or any other color, seems she is Pink-PNS...
    8. I found Certificate of my Poulpy, and it writen just "Poulpy Normal" but on Lillycat's sait was writen PNS. So she is the only Normal!
    9. "PNS" is Pale Normal Skin. The Poulpys were a Pink-PNS, which is different than PNS by itself. Both are close in color but the Pink will be noticeably pink next to a PNS.
    10. Oops! Sorry! It is new for me, I didn't know about that!
    11. No need to apologize. But the PNS is a standard color. And the Pink PNS was used as Limited on that number of Poulpy. Just like the Marron Glacé Poulpy with Kitty ears, she said she likely won't do that combination Poulpy again.
    12. My Poo)
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    13. Hot, sweet caramel! Thats All we need in the cold winter days!
    14. @MiniNena thanks)
      She is very sweet caramel
    15. I'm on the road to ruin with Lillycat's dolls :lol: Indeed I'm currently waiting for a caramel Poulpy and a grey Chibbi Lana. I'm almost done to pay my layaways!
      The only problem is that it seems difficult to find them clothes. I'll try my Pullip's clothes: I think some will fit them.
    16. I really lke the new Lilac Purple Bo. I noticed that she and Poulpy have the same body. I am now leaning towards getting a new Bo instead of a Poulpy. Is anyone else participating in the preorder?
    17. My Poulpy wears pullip shirts and they fit her pretty nicely :lol: Also, few of the pullip dresses do fit if the bottom is wide enough. Mine wears pullip Nana's dress for example.

      I don't have lana, but my friends have. They can wear pullip dresses and also Azone clothing.
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    18. So pretty dolls !:D
      I like the Poulpy mold but I wish Lillycat sale her on msd body like the 1st price of "lol a pet"contest.
      #Laurelvere I plan to buy a Bô too on purple skin. :D

      Thanks everyone for the clothes tips.
    19. Bo has a smaller head, which is nice, I like the Poulpy face better, but I wish she had the smaller head size. It's down one wig size! It's nice that Poulpy wears an 8/9 because the hair is really long on her. But I have a bit of a peeve about oversized heads. And I wonder how long I will keep my Poulpy for that reason. She's a wonderful doll. But again, I don't do anything with her.
    20. Good to know! I think I’m 90% sure I’m getting a Bo now. just trying to decide between the different skin tones. I love how The Lilas Purple Bo looks in the promo pictures, but pictures of the purple resin in nude without makeup seems rather plastic looking.