Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1

Sep 28, 2013

    1. If I was interested in Bo I'd be jumping. I like the softness of her "lilas" purple resin over the deeper Poulpy purple. But Bo's just not on my list.
    2. I agree about the purple resin! I had contacted Rachelle about potentially purchasing any cancelled order for Purple Poulpy, but then the Lilas purple came out and I could not commit to the Poulpy.
    3. Hi SmoteyMote!
      I do not know, have you already seeing that Rochelle has the Grey Lana on stock sale now? Or you found one?:D
    4. Ahahaha everyone is messaging me about it! I saw but I don't have the money right now TT___TT - I start a new job next month but I won't get a paycheck for 2 months and it's gonna be rough. I wish I could but I gotta be smart.
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    5. Oh, sorry! Hope you will have a fun on your new place! And will find later your Lana!;)
    6. How is it I haven't been getting notification for this thread?!? I should know by now how wonky notification is...
      Anyhoo- I managed to snag the last grey Lana!!! The screen said 5 in stock but by the time I hit 'add to cart' it said 1 left!!!!!
      I had to get another. I love my PNS gal to death but I just have too many looks and character ideas for one doll.
      This is what I have in mind for my new girl...

      I'm so excited - I got her blank so she shipped the day after I bought her. I'm hoping she gets here soon. Stupid USPS won't update :(
      [​IMG]Red by Ban, on Flickr
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    7. I'm back with Meabh - still waiting for my grey girl. She was stuck for a few days but she's in Jamaica now so any day!

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    8. These are so strange... yet I still may get one in the future. lol
    9. I really like this grey version. Good choice! I hope she arrives soon.
    10. Good Day everyone! I have been looking at all the info and great dolls here. Haven't been active for a while, but just ordered Little Lana in grey to be a sister for my taupe grey Colline. I was only able to get a blank girl because the faceups were all sold out, but I am so happy. My question. Bust measurements on Lana seem to be the same as bust on Monster high dolls. Has anyone tried tops or loose dresses that were made for MH on Lana please
    11. They can fit some sort tops but Lana's hips are WAY too wide to fit longer tops or dresses. Sorry :( But congrats on getting a grey Lana. Mine came in yesterday and I had to paint her up right away.
      This is Saarhe, my drow gal :)
      [​IMG]Saarhe by Ban, on Flickr
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    12. Ban Sidhe Thanks so much for the info. Your girl is amazing! Love what you did with her faceup and the grey color is wonderful. Sold one doll and trying to sell another so that I may pay my Lana off sooner. Want to get my hands on her.
    13. You won't regret getting her. She is darker than I thought she'd be, which is great but a little more 'blue' so I may have to re-think her pants ;)
    14. Good to know about the 'bluer' side of her grey, it will certainly help with color choices for clothes and wig.
      Ban Sidhe, I just realized where I had seen your other Lana Chibi! I bought the gorgeous dark grey wig from your Etsy shop. Your wigs are beautiful. I know that one is going to be stunning on my girl.
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    15. Lana's gray is extremely different from Colline's gray. I love Lana's tone.
    16. HA HA - yes, that was my PNS girl :)
      Here is Saarhe, who is NOT amused with being mistaken for a rabbit...
      [​IMG]Bunny? by Ban, on Flickr
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    17. I haven't shown my grey girl here in a while so I must fix that! Samelia is a grey Poulpy from LDoll 6.

      [​IMG]Rose bath by Kaede - faery kiss, on Flickr

      I'm loving all the chibbi doll pictures here <3. My ns Lana is still waiting for me to make her wig and a third outfit which hopefully will be her style.
    18. Hello! I'm new here and just purchased a previously owned Chibbi Lana in Maron Glace'. She'll be on her way to me soon.
      I've spent hours and hours following some of your leads on shoes but cannot find anywhere on Lillycat's website or here what the width of her foot is. I hate to spend $30 on a pair of boots that will be too wide. I have purchased some custom order shoes for my hard to fit Doll Chateau Kid whose feet are 4.8cm x 1.8cm because MSD shoes fall off unless they're boots. This lady makes beautiful shoes and has an option for Atelier Momoni and I would like to give her Lana's specifics: Summomo82 on Etsy

      Can anyone measure their precious Lana's foot for me, please? Thank you.
    19. @KHolaas : Lana's foot is 1,3cm wide at the widest part and 3,4cm long.
      I have two pairs of Momonita-sized boots for my Lana from Nymphodisiac and they are a very tight fit.
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    20. Thank you @Uninu !
      I imagine it's probably the same issue as with my Kira (Lyse). Her instep (top of foot) is tall and even if the shoe is long and wide enough, specifically boots, the foot won't go in so ordering boots can be a gamble.
      Probably why @Ban Sidhe warned about the 4cm boots on ebay.