Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1

Sep 28, 2013

    1. I second Nymphodisiac - her shoes are awesome and so is she!
    2. I found some yosd tennis shoes on eBay, borrowed a shrug from Abby, my DC kid doll, dug out a 5-6 wig for my FID doll and made some jeggings (2nd try and still a bit tight). I'll be knitting for her starting tonight after I finish up a cardigan for another doll.

      We took a tour of the house this morning as I was fixing my tea.
      The kitchen window ~
      [​IMG]Chibbi Lana ~ Lacey? by Kristi Holaas, on Flickr

      The pantry cookbook shelf ~
      [​IMG]Chibbi Lana ~ Lacey? by Kristi Holaas, on Flickr

      And lastly an angel among angels in my living room :love
      [​IMG]Chibbi Lana ~ Lacey? by Kristi Holaas, on Flickr
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    3. Gorgeous! That outfit is lovely. :) I have been miniature crocheting for my Colline, I know tiny knitting is also a thing but it's hard for me to picture because knitting to me is way more difficult than crocheting, haha. I fumble around with big needles, let alone tiny ones!
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    4. It's fun. Thank you! She got a new dress fresh off the needles!!

      [​IMG]Lana by Kristi Holaas,
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    5. Positively beautiful! <3 I really like how knitted fabrics look as opposed to crocheted ones. They seem more... clingy? I don't really know how to describe it. You do have loose crochet stitches but knitted stuff tends to curl a bit so it falls so nicely around the body. :)

      I see your personal text says that you knit for dolls. Do you sell your stuff too? :)

      These are my crocheted items for Colline, she's 17 cms tall quite impossible to dress haha. The first one was a super quick one with regular thread beause the version I made for myself was very bulky as well. Forgive the no-eyes and stuff, she was very much in the making still. :blush


      Then I got more like sewing thread but for lacework and I used a 0,9 mm hook for the circlevest and a 1 mm hook for the pants.


      I need to make some kind of bra or something for her. Maybe I'll just paint it on, because it needs to be skin tight I think.


      The necklace is officially a barbie necklace I think. I'm not 100% sure. I found it at a miature convention, so it might have been for other specific small dolls. The scale is rather nice and it looks good on her. I'm thinking of redoing the wig. I made it with my friend who has all the supplies, but it's very poofy and clearly a beginners wig haha!
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    6. Oooooo, love looking at the pretties. I too crochet (can't knit) for my dolls. This is the latest dress I made for Maebh. I really enjoy working tiny. :D
      [​IMG]Fae Queen by Ban, on Flickr.
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    7. So is this the right place to also post about chibi Moon? I just ordered one, in the purple color. :D
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    8. I need that purple chibbi moon but here I am with no paycheck for another month and no way to get her. /sigh I can't wait to see how everyone styles her. I know exactly how I'd want my girl!!
    9. They are both gorgeous colours but I think I will go with amande this time. I'm hoping for a bigger doll in lilas purple. I don't know what it is with green resin, but I just love it! I'm sure the styling is also swaying me towards green since it's much more my style.
    10. I was very tempted to get Moon but I just can't :( No funds and the purple is not calling to me. I'd actually LOVE her in white!
    11. I'm so happy! I just bought a second hand (but brand new) Poulpy in PNS :aheartbea Lillycat is one of my favorite doll makers so I'm so excited to be getting one of her dolls.

      Does anyone know what size of clothes fit Poulpy? I see so many cute girls decked out in adorable outfits, but I have no idea how to shop for her :sweat I'm planning to make her a witch so I need socks, dress, skirt, top, shoes, and the like.
    12. Mines wear yosd shoes, and for clothing a mix of different sizes : appi (dust of dolls) mainly for the hips/thighs, some slim msd skirts work too, and kikipop/appi for tops.
    13. Thanks :lol: I'll look around for those sizes
    14. I finally got my own tiny cherry doll! Aglae arrived yesterday ^^. I just had to get sewing and make her a dress so I could take some pictures of her and my Poulpy (I'll post a picture of her too later).

      After I get the amande Moon I will have three green dolls from Lillycat :'D. Congrats to everyone who also placed an order!

      [​IMG]Introducing my new girl by Kaede - faery kiss, on Flickr
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    15. :aeyepop: Chibbi Newt and Chibbi Loolou! I’m hoping she picks Newt for next months preorder, that new chocolate skin tone is calling my name.
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    16. Chibbi Newt will be VERY tempting!
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    17. I’m already beyond tempted and putting money aside :XD:
      I have always been a huge fan of Newt and the curvy body but never got her because I wasn’t too keen on the size. This mini version is perfect and she still has a big head so she can probably wear normal sized eyes and wigs which is a plus.
    18. I'm hoping for a grey or purple grey chibbi Newt later on !
    19. Hello there!

      I'd like to share with you the first pic I've taken of my so beautiful Chibbi Lana - Marron Glacé! She has been my 'grail' doll for some time now - I missed the pre-order in 2016/2017 and I finally found her on second-hand market.
      She's just perfect! :love

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