Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1

Sep 28, 2013

    1. Congrats on the Lana! I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint her up. I really want one as well some day. Sometimes the timing is just bad, but that's how things go.
    2. @LuckyXIII
      Thank you! It was a stroke of luck, actually :3nodding:
      I probably will commission a face-up, she's so tiny I'm afraid I could make a big mess of everything...
    3. My girls say "Welcome" to your new Lana!
      [​IMG]Lana Girls by Ban, on Flickr
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    4. @Ban Sidhe
      How nice of you! Your girls are really beautiful
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    5. Your Chibbi Lana is beautiful FlaxenHairGirl. I love her color.
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    6. Anyone order a Chibbi Newt? I couldn't resist - put a Real Skin gal on layaway :D
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    7. Thank you so much :whee:
    8. I couldn't resist either, though I probably should have. :sweat I have so many dolls on layaway right now.... But a tiny Newt! :love My heart couldn't resist her. I got Real Skin as well, though the darker resin is gorgeous too!

      I keep telling myself she doesn't need a sister, she doesn't need a sister.... :eusa_pray
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    9. Newt is really cute, though I'm not a fan of the body.

      I just paid off my Moon!
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    10. I couldn’t resist either. I was trying hard to convince myself to get both but decided to just go with the chocolate for now and maybe find the real skin later or get another during the next preorder since I want to go all out and make a room box for her. The real skin is so pretty though such a hard decision.
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    11. My chibi Moon just shipped! I can't wait for her to get here. It may be awhile before I'll be able to paint her though. It's still pretty hot and humid here right now. either way, yay!
    12. Mine shipped too!
    13. Ooh, what color did you get? I got the new lilas purple!
    14. So did I I got the faceup also! So I just need to find eyes, wig, clothes and maybe shoes.
    15. I can finally show you my Chibbi Lana with the face-up Mikiyochi made on her. I think she's just so gorgeous :love
      Chibbi Lana was one of my Grail dolls, I'm so happy I could find her on DOA marketplace!


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    16. She's beautiful @Flaxen Hair Girl :D I love the cute sparkles in her faceup; they almost look like freckles.

      Can I ask where you got the wig for her? It looks great!
    17. @shinibun
      Thank you so much, I also love those sparkles, they add something real special to her :love
      The wig is from Frappzilla Studio (FRAPPZILLA STUDIO), Momonita size - I actually ordered it for my Momonita then I've realized it fits so well my Chibbi Lana too!
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    18. My girl will be here on Tuesday! I can't wait to see the color in person. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing with her yet. XD
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    19. @Flaxen Hair Girl Oh, thank you! :D I hope to get a Chibi Lana one day too. :chibi

      Here's a picture of my purple Poulpy during a trip we took over the summer. I'm still trying to figure out her name.

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    20. What lovely eyes! Such a pretty girl.